Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prize Giving Practise

It was so quiet when we got into the hall. It was like no one was there, we all got into little groups and learned the dance. Practising and practising made me so tired. Finally we got into our line and silently walked up on the stage to our spots. Heads down says" Miss Garden. Down went my head and of went the song.

Dancing to the song felt like a disco is going on. I really liked the dance, it was easy and kind of hard remembering it. My Favourite dance is when the song Hall of Fame plays on. I just love dancing to that song.

Exhausting dancing I said to my friend by my side. While walking down the steps I felt great because our prize giving dance is finished but we still have more dancing practise to do. “Oh no” I said.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hope's Netbook Reflection 2013

What I like about my netbook is that it’s easy to search and do things. But sometimes I get frustrated when I share my work with people on my google account, It frustrates me if I have done my work and it just disappears and I can’t get it back. Using paper makes my hands tired. It would be better if hyperstudio could be on our netbooks so we don’t need to wait for the person to finish on the Imac.

Writing got easier when we all got our netbooks. Sometimes it’s good to do it on paper so that you don’t get distracted and go on the wrong thing. I think it is good that we can only use our netbook properly if we don’t break it or get angry at it.

Monday, December 3, 2012


What a amazing day we had on Saturday. Our prefect and ambassador and there family were invited by the nice and kind people from the telecom. We got there by bus and we had so much fun we had a great day together with our family's. We even got to meet famous people, like the titanium boys and all these other famous people I can't remember.

I would like to say a big thank you to the telecom people that have invite us to that great day.

Thank you

Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Katz) Kawau Island

I said “Bye”, to my family and I felt so sad that I wanted to go back home, but I just didn’t want to miss all the fun things they are going to do at Camp Bentzon. I didn’t want to cry. So then we put all of the bags into the bus and off we went. “Bye, bye”! I shouted out the window.

On the bus we went past the city and it looked so amazing. I just couldn’t wait to see Camp Bentzon even though I still had feelings for home. Off the bus and on the ferry we go. It took so long because we had to put the bags into the ferry. Luckily we were on the top of the ferry it was so scary.

Finally we got there but we just had one problem. We had to go for a walk. As we were walking we stopped where these rocks were stacked and Isara had to make up a speech for Pt England. After that we started walking again. “I’m so tired” I said to my friends. We kept walking until we got to a beach where some old people were living.

The next day we did different activities and it was so fun. My best activity was sailing because me and my partner Annliz were sailing. While sailing we ended up on this other beach. It was crack up. Then peter the sailing man came and told us how to get back. We manage to get back on our own.

It was time to get back on the ferry and back to school. It was sad and exciting because I’m going to see my family. We had the best days of our life.

Thank you to Annliz for editing my Writing

Friday, November 16, 2012

The big Storm

On Tuesday it was raining and there was a lightning. It was shocking and I was really really scared. I didn't want to go home because I didn't want to get hit from the lightning. It was hailing as well and there were so much I that it was so cold like north pole.

OMG! I said to myself I was so so so scared and frighten. When I looked at the grass all I could see was white ice and big puddles all over our school. I was like how am I getting home. When the rain and lightning stopped. We went home I went to pick up my sister and there was ice all around there. I pick up some and throw it to my friend. It was so cold.

Making Origami thing's

On Wednesday room fifteen had been making origami's. Do you know what's origami well I will tell you about this . Well origami is something you make out of paper like rabbit a Dog or a bear. Well what I did was a plane. I did a plane because it's much more easier.

We had so much fun making thing. It was getting messy and icky to. After doing those very cool stuff. It was time to clean up. Today was so fun I" said "to my friend. I wanted to make something else but it was to hard and it was time to go morning tea.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

This week room fifteen has been in Sylvia park to see the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was one of the presenters of my class and my friend Laita was one of them to. We practise and practise until we got our speeches. My favourite movie was the Asonto Tamaki College. My aunty was in that video and I was like" aye "that my aunty.  She was doing the Asonto with the kids in Tamaki College.

My other favourite movie was room sixteen it was so funny when Levi tried throwing the shot put but it actually wasn't a shot put it was a ball. When he throws it up and it came back down and banged on his head. It was nearly me and my partner Laita's turn to present. I was so nervous that I was shivering.

Me and Laita walked and sat on the steps next to Mrs Burt. I was so nervous because it was our turn next. We got the microphone of Mrs Burt and walked so scared. Finally I got up the stage and talked. I wanted to say it fast but then some people might just not understand. Yey as I was walking down the step to go and sit down. After watching all those amazing movie the presenters went to eat our morning tea.

Then Mrs Telea listen up these people will be presenting again now. My friend Lisia and Gloria names came up then I heard my name and my partner Laita I was like OMG!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The amazing touch game

On Wednesday our teams went to a touch tournament. There was a year seven team a year 5\6 team and the littlest ones the year four and some are year five too. Some of our teams walked and most of us went by car. It was a great sunny day and it was so hot.

I first team was against Tamaki Intermediate 2. One of them were tall and fast. The game started and of we played. trying our best to win our first game. It got to the last five minutes and we were winning. At the end of the game we won we did our cheers and we shaked hands.

We were off to our other games I really like the game that we vs glenbrae because we had so much points we had 9 tries to 0 tries we were so amazed but we had to keep humble because our semi finals was next we challenged Tamaki Intermediate 1. They looked hard but we just gave it our best shot to get to the final. The whistle blew it was our first try.

We clapped and ran back quickly before they tap and run. Touch said one of our players. We quickly ran back again and again. We were so tired I wanted to swap because I was nearly on the whole game. As soon as I sat on the grass it was game over. Yeah” yeah we sing and laughed. Mr Marks” said “he is going to put the best people on he’s not gonna make it fear because he wants us to win I was one of them. As we played we scored a try.  

We played and played it was nearly game over and then we scored another try yeah yeah we screamed. There was only five minutes left so we just played and we never give a try away. The whistle blew game over. Yeah yeah we screamed and hugged each others. We were so happy. Our other teams also won there game and that was so awesome we were so so so happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Crash

One sunny day  there was a boy called Ronnie and he had a sister called Isabella. They wanted to do a fun thing but actually it was dangerous. They jumped from the roof and bounced on the jumperleen.

Ronnie was first to jumped.  As he crawled to the edge of the roof, he finally got the thought that it was a bad idea. But he still jumped. “Oh no,!” Said Isabella “He’s hurt.” “I think my arm is broken” yelled out Ronnie.

Isabella called out her mum.  Suddenly, she could hear a big thumping noise, and it started to get closer and closer. “What has happened.”  Isabella said “He broke his arm. Now I don’t know what to do.”

Within an attempt, Mum said “Bring him to the car”.  “ Where are we going?” Isabella said. “We are going to the hospital.” replied mum. They took him to have a look at his arm. They put a cast on his arm. Ronnie stopped crying. They went back home and never did something dangerous like that again.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Ant Army


This is my picture of the ant army and they have found a long cream donut.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tiring Touch

Every Tuesday year 5\6 have touch. We got into teams and started playing. My friend Mele and laita was in the team the we  were versing first. I keep on running up and back and it was tiring.    

Mr Marks blew the whistle a score to Taniela’s team I was in that team. We cheered and walked back to our side. Trying to touch people I  was so tired I was sweating like the sun was burning me.

“Oh no they got try” I said. We were disappointed but it was just a game. We only had little time left so we just played until we got another try. Score’’ said ‘Mr Marks. We cheered and cheered, we were so happy.

The whistle blew and it was game over. “Yey yey we won” I shouted. Then we played another team and again one off my friend was in that team. They looked hard but we didn’t care.

We all played but at the end of the game we lost. We all sat under the tree near the staff room and listen to our results. Obviously we didn’t win but it was just a game. I had so much fun. I can’t wait for next tuesday.             

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going Swimming

Every Friday room 15 goes swimming. We have our own swimming pool right in front of the staff room. Room fifteen got changed and walked quickly to the pool. Girls went in first. When it got to me to get in it was freezing. I got me a life jacket so I can float and a board. Mr Mark blew his whistle. Girl on the right side and boys on the left.

We played a game that we have to swim to the bottom and stay there for long. It was my turn I vs anthony and I won. Girls were winning by five it was 12-7. The whistle blew the girls have won’ said ‘Mr Marks.

We played heaps and heaps of games it was so fun. I can’t wait for next Friday I’ said ‘to myself. I keep playing with my friends we were playing with a ball I call my friend and she past it to me. Mr Mark blew his whistle again he’ said ‘we have to get out of the pool and got change it was the funnest day I ever had.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My basket boat

                                                        This is me in my basket boat

The secret walkway

One night Daniel, Sophia and Jack went for a walk. Suddenly Sophia fell into a bush. She was rolling and rolling until to got to this secret walkway. Daniel, Jack said’’ Sophia come and see this. Daniel and Jack ran as quickly to see what happen. Sophia’ said ‘’look a secret walkway. Wow!

Sophia skipped and skipped until she heard a sound. Boom Boom! All a sudden she was kidnapped. Daniel called out Sophia’s name but she didn’t ‘answer. Jack and Daniel went looking for her. They called again but she still didn’t answer.

Jack called the police. 111! The police race to find the missing girl. They looked at the park but she wasn’t there. So they keep looking and looking. Sophia Sophia’’ called’ Daniel.

Aaaaa Aaaa somebody help me. The police ran to save the girl. They were about to throw her into the fire. Luckily the police caught the kidnappers and put the kidnappers into jail for the rest of there lives. Jack and daniel ran as quickly as they can. Sophia Sophia are you alright.

Hope basket boats

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going to the shops

Marine went to the shop with her sister. They only had five dollars. They walked into the shop and choose a lollie and went to the counter. That will be a dollar thank you. Marine  check in her pocket out of her pocket.

So they looked and looked again until they found it.. A man came in the shop to buy him anchor milk. Marine and her sister asked ‘’the man have you seen a five dollar note? He ‘said ‘no.

When the old man walked outside of the shop with his anchor milk he stepped on a paper. So he pick it up and it’’ said ‘a 5 dollar note. He ran back to the shop to give it to Marine The old man said ‘’is this it he said ‘’Yes. They buy there lollies it was green bubblegum. Mmm! Yummy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A sunny lovely day

One sunny morning Isabella and her sister Sophia went to the beach. Isabella and Sophia went for a swim down in the water. There was a big wave coming and it blew over Isabella.

She lost her hair band and ask” Sophia to help her look for it. Have you seen my hair band Isabella said” to a stranger sitting down on a big rock? But he” said” he doesn’t know wheres it is.

They looked and looked around and under the sea. It was getting late and we better go home said” Sophia”. We will just wait for a few minute. They took another look down at the beach. I found it I found it. She was very very happy.

So off they went walking happily home. Dancing around and giggling too. Isabella and her sister had a great sunny day.
One sunny morning Isabella and her sister Sophia went to the beach. Isabella and Sophia went for a swim down in the water. There was a big wave coming and it blew over Isabella.

She lost her hair band and ask” Sophia to help her look for it. Have you seen my hair band Isabella said” to a stranger sitting down on a big rock? But he” said” he doesn’t know wheres it is.

They looked and looked around and under the sea. It was getting late and we better go home said” Sophia”. We will just wait for a few minute. They took another look down at the beach. I found it I found it. She was very very happy.

So off they went walking happily home. Dancing around and giggling too. Isabella and her sister had a great sunny day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My dream wish

I wish I have a cool house that has a pool and rooms. I wish I had 100000 dollars. It will be a amazing wish. I will live with my family and my friends. I wish we are rich and I can get anything I want.

I wish I have a computer at home and a touch phone and We can have fun outside and inside with my friends. Please come true

In the holidays

In the holiday I want to go to the movies and watch some cool movies. I will like some popcorn as well and a huge drink. I want to watch the rotten tomatoes. It is cool and I haven’t watch it. What a exciting day.

I might fall asleep when I am watching the movie and it is a big screen it going to be dark and fun to. I am going to sylvia park to watch the movie

Friday, September 21, 2012

Year 5/6 Champions of champs

Feeling excited I hopped into the bus I sat with my friends Grace, Ana and Aldora. We sat on the four seats. We talk and sang along the way. Finally we got there so we all hopped out of the bus and got into two lines. We walked down to the big tree to put our blue tarpaulin and then we put our bags on it so it doesn’t blow away.

So it was time to play we had a team talk before we went on. I was the captain and Grace was the vice captain. The first ten went on and there were big kids but I didn’t care I just played the game. We were losing by three and then the horn blowed. We were all sad but I said to my team that’s our last lose. We won all of our games Untill we got to the last game against Panicola.

Miss Vaafusuaga said if we win this game we will come second in the auckland champs. So we played we ran on the field and started playing. Yeah we won so we came second running around and then we had to go and support our under 50kg boys who’s playing in the finals and some of the Mangere East girls came to support too.

We cheered and cheered until we got to the first try five points to Point England. Then we got to the end it was a tie we still won because we had the first try. So then the boys had one more game and it is the grand final. Sitting down on the grass supporting our team we all cross our fingers go go go point England I shouted and then I horn blowed we screamed and jumped on each other as we run YEEEAAAHHH!

The Amazing Park

In the weekend we went to the park. I went with my family and there weren’t that many people there. It was fun and yummy to because we had fish and chips. I went on the swing and it felt tickly. I swinged up and down and up and down until my brother came and asked can I have a turn? Then I hopped of the swing and ran to the monkey bars it was like I was a monkey.I race my sister to the end and I won.

Then we played tigy and it was fun I was in and I ran after my big brother I got him so he was but then My mum called out and said who want to eat so we ran there before the food was gone.

We had so much fun playing on that amazing park I really want to go back and play but we had to go and eat. Yummy food I was already hungry I got some fish and chips and sat on the park Mmmm yum. Then it was time to go home I felt really tired and full to from the fish and chips.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hilarious Paralympics

We got to the courts and Mr Marks said get into two team so I did. My partner was Meleane. We started with a game that you had to tie a band around your arm and you would have to run.
It felt awkward and it was kind of funny too. My partner Meleane started first and I was cheering for her. Then it got to my turn I ran and came back laughing I couldn’t stop. We even played some other games and it was funny.                                                                                                                                      

One of the games were my favourite. It was the one that we had to throw the ball as far as you can with one leg missing. It felt like I’m missing limbs.  It was hilarious because people keep falling down. Then we had to swop legs and that was a little bit challenging.

So it was time to go back to class. We lined up and walked back to class laughing. It was hilarious.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hilarious Paralympics

We got to the courts and Mr Marks said get in to two team so I did. My partner was Meleane. We started with a game that you had to tie a band around your arm and you would have to run.
It felt awkward and it was kind of funny too. My partner Meleane started first and I was cheering for her. Then it got to my turn I ran and came back laughing I couldn’t stop. We even played some other games and it was funny.

One of the games were my favourite. It was the one that we had to throw the ball as far as you can with one leg gone. It was hilarious because people keep falling down. Then we had to swop legs and that was challenging.

So it was time to go back to class. We lined up and walked back to class laughing. It was hilarious.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What I did in the weekend

At the weekend I got my ears pierced. I was full of nerves but I wasn’t scared. One of my ears got pierced and I was happy because I only had one more to go. It hurt a little but I didn’t care. My other ear got pierced and I was really happy. It was done.

I got my ears pierced because it will be for our white Sunday which is coming soon.
I hope it doesn’t close again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wheelchair 200m Sprint

Wheelchair sprint is a hard sport to do. It’s all about your hands. You need to have powerful hands and be strong to. Spinning the wheel looks hard and tiring but it doesn’t to them. They are fast like a steam train and tough to.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Five a side Football

Five a side Football is a game that people play which I haven’t played, but I know how to play. The players are blindfolded because some of them are are blind and it’s not fair for them if some could see. Then there is a ball that has a bell in it so people know where it is. It looks really tricky to me but they make it look easy. Some of the Football players have fast legs like the wind it goes like a zigzag to. The goalkeeper can see but the players can’t, they are visually impaired.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exhausting Running

Nervously I walked up to Mr Burt. On your mark get set GO! Of I went running as fast as I can. Puddles were everywhere but I didn’t even care I just keep running. Running with muddy shoes I felt icky.

Halfway there I was already tired. Running through broken bridges and cricket paths it was kind of scary and dangerous at the same time. I didn’t want to slip or fall ether. I tried getting in front of those boy but they are just blocking the way. ‘I said can you move and finally they moved to the side.I was nearly near the finish line and I was coming second. As I was running I really
wanted to keep on that amount of number but I just couldn’t.

Finally at the finish line I came third I was kind of happy because I was going to the interzone.
That’s what I was aiming for. Huffing and puffing sitting down cheering my team. I had muddy and icky shoes and it was yuk.

I felt sticky and wet too. I had muddy feet. Cross Country turn up fun to me I really wanted to run again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sausages Sizzle

On tuesday Mr Marks told us a surprising news. He said we were going to have a sausage sizzle. We all were shocked and were excited at the same time but we just had to pay one dollar. I started cutting the onions into rings.

While cutting the onion I had watering eyes. After cutting the onion me and grace broke it into pieces. Then it was time to pass it onto the next person. After that Mr Marks cooked it into the BBQ while we were going to IcT and music.

When we got there the girls had to go on the multimedia to finish of our animation while the boys do there work on there netbooks.  In twenty
five minutes we will rotate’’ said Mr Jacobsen.  After twenty five minutes we rotated. Then when I was walking to class from music I could already smell the wafting of sausages.

Coming from ICT I saw stack of sausages on the BBQ. I thought it was stack of log from trees. It look burnt but it wasn’t.

So it was time to eat it. Mr Marks put a sausages and some onions on my bread. I even put some tomato sauce on. I started eating it and it was deliciously yum.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art in motion

Today we went to the hall with Miss Muliaumasealii to do our art in movement. We had a quick warm up. We all had to run up to the last line then run back. Then We started our art in movement. We got in our group and started. The hardest thing we did was trying to remember the dance but the we worked together and remembered it. We practise and practise until we all got it. Then it was time to go back to class we lined up and walked back.   

Aliens on earth

Today we were  learning about aliens kidnapping some humans.

Rugby Tranning

Getting ready for my rugby training I changed into my spare clothes. I got changed and ran down to the bottom field. Then we started with a warm up. Our warm up was to run around the field, we ran quickly like there was a race going on. Finally we got back with exhausted legs. We caught our breath and did some stretches.

We started with some skills drills. Our skills were to run and try to get a try, passing the ball to each others. If we knock it on we have to do some star jumps. I didn’t want to be one of them I said quietly to myself. Whoo! Miss V whistle she said “Stop!” We're going to do a different skill. It was truck and trailer.

Truck and trailer has two people and one is the truck who take the trailer around. The trailer has to follow the truck. I was the truck so I had to take  my partner Ata around. This was to help us to follow our enemies. So then we finished with a game. We got put into to two teams. I was one team and Jordyn was another team. As we were playing we notice we were dirty. After that game we went to wash our legs and walked back with sore legs.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cross Country Practise

Everyday after lunchtime room 13 to 17 go out for cross country practise because Cross country is coming up. While we wait Mr Marks Tells us where to go. He calls out which
Years go first. I waited until he says year 6 girls. Off I went as fast as I could. Sprinting like the wind pushing me toward to finish line.

I ran all the way until I got to Mr somerville. So I finally got around him and ran back. Sprinting threw heap of people I was so puffing and huffing. I slowed down to catch my breath.                                                     

So I keep running to catch up with my friends. Halfway there  I stopped again because I had a really bad stitch. So then I walked the whole way back. I finally got there so I walked around the courts to cool me down. Then it was time to do our stretches. Legs apart and lean to the left then we did the other. Then we bend down to touch our toes without bending our knees. Then we stretched our hands. So off we went back to class “so exhausted I,’ said.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympics Torch relay

Months before each games of olympics torch is with frame from greece through the whole olympics. A female performer acting like a pretest ignites the torch.  

The olympics torch is brought to the stadium during the opening ceremony. It pass to reach the last cauldron so the games officially begins.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Art in Movement

Today we had to screen shot Olympics sports. We picked our greatest six and emailed it to Miss Muliaumasealii. Then we walked down to the hall to do our art in motion. I was the leader of my team. When we started we looked at the picture to try copy how the movement went. We had one boy in our team but we still had fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympics Rings

This term our inquiry topic games. We will be taking a close look at the london games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories about the olympics, both path and present.

The olympics symbol is better kown than the circle rings repasent the five inhabited contients(Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Austrlasia). The colour version blue, black , red , yellow, green forms the olympic flags. It was created in the 1914s. Also the first olympic games was used in 1920s.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My favorite piece of art

What I like about  this painting is the flowers, and there also was good detail. I like the flower because it is different multi colours.  The illustrator was from Room 17.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sea creatures

If rain did not fall sea creatures will possibly will not survive.

There are a few parts of the world were it doesn’t rain in the desert.
So plants and animal can’t live there.

Rain supplies us and animals.
It help plant grow.
Even helps animal to survive.

Some people in the city get angry when it rain. They forget how farmers need rain for the grass and crops.

Alien Pet shop

Once upon a time I was sleeping on my bed, suddenly I could feel someone putting me into a bag. Brightly I saw the light. Trying to open my eyes I could see an alien.

Thinking I thought it was a dream, I try slapping my face to see if I was awake. Noo I said’ it not a dream.

shaking my hardest they took me to a pet cage. They left me there and they feed me strange food. Closing my eyes I nearly vomited in the cage. Yuk’ I said’’ spitting out the strange food. Then someone wearing a disguise of a robot came and saved me. Yey!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clay shop

Entering the clay shop felt so cool. Looking at the clay thinking it was smooth.
We had to find a seat and listen to the instructors. Our instructor were Sue and Georgia.
First we had to pick a design out of a book but I decided to pick my own design. I picked my name and some love hearts.

Straight away I put my hand up. Waiting for the clay I was thinking who should I give it to.
Finally the clay was in front of me. So I decided to give it for my mum. I started to cut the clay with a cubarb stick. I cut it into a square and then I put my name on it.

Then I ‘’said’ I am ready to decorate my work. So I went up to the table and I pick and glass of colors. It was too hard to pick because it had all my favourite colors. There was green, light purple, yellow, orange, blue, and pink. So I just choose three colors green, light purple and blue. So I was finished so I gave Sue.

We were finished and we had to go so I said’’ bye. I wish we could go back there next time.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Claude Monet

Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter who enjoyed painting the same subject, landscape or cityscape. Each painting captured a moment in time. Each show  different colours and light.

Monet created a beautiful water garden at his home Giverny and he used the same subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly reflecting the world.

The famous paintings of the Japanese bridge show an arched bridge crossing a pond. The pond also changes colours the day or season. It is surrounded with tree and shrubs reflecting light of it surface.             

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a French painter. He and his wife Sonia invented the orphism art form. He  uses vibrant colours and geometric shapes. He was also a writer of poems.

He likes to use vibrant bright colors to bring his art to life. He also used contrasting colours because he must of like how it look interesting. He also uses geometric shapes for object or people in his artwork.
In the painting of the tall portugueses woman he painted a large leafed plant on the left hand side.
Each leaf he used contrast colours. In the center of the picture he used circle as she was working.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock Art

Happily Rm 15 went outside to paint an artwork just like Jackson Pollock’s art. We grabbed  a piece of huge cardboard and a piece of A3 paper. I sellotaped my A3 paper to my cardboard. Quickly we ran outside and started to flick. As I was flicking on my paint I could already feel paint on me!

I used multiple colours for my painting like blue, yellow, black, white, pink and different other colours. It felt icky but it was still fun. Messily my hands were covered with paint.
Sadly I got paint on my uniform.

Jackson Pollock was a frenchman who lived in America. I think he was from New york. He also smoked and drank a lot. He has a wife and her name is Lee Krasner. Sadly he died when he was 44 year old.   

Monday, May 14, 2012

First day of swimming

Wow! It is our first day of swimming. As I was walking down the path I could hear the wind blowing our plastic bag. When we got there I could smell the chlorine. Jogging slowly we nearly slipped on the slippery surface.

Quickly we took of our uniform and walked to have a quick shower. Then it was time to test our swimming so that which pool team do we go to.
Me and grace went first we were so excited. We swam meander down to the other end of the pool so when we got there we took a sizable breath.

Tiredly we swam back and then it was time for me and grace to know which team are we. Ben “said’ you are both in team three so we jump out of the pool. We were so jubilant and off we went to the big pool. Along the side we sat on the wall waiting for our instructor to come. Then we had many rounds of swimming freestyle, backstroke and rocket arms.

Sadly we all had jump out and change into our dried uniform. While we were waiting we put on our shoes and got ready to walk back to school. Very quickly we lined up and walked outside. When we got there it was already lunchtime. I was so glad because we are going to the pool the next day.           

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rippa Rugby girls at Enden park

On Friday the 27th of April the rippa rugby girl went to Eden park. As we were on our way Ms Vaafusuaga played some songs and we sang along with it. Then as we got out of the van we race down under the trees before it started to rain again. As soon as Ms Vaafusuaga ran to get the tickets. Gracefully we got in and went to see inside of it. In a rush we went to line up so that we could go first. When we went through the gates I was really amazed how cool it looked. As well it was my first time there.

Then it was time to go on the field. We put on our tags and hurtled on. I was the captain and grace was the vice captain. First we play rock paper scissors. The alarm started and off we played. Fast as we went to tag there tags off. It was half so we ran of. Then we changed players and then ran quickly on to the field. It was our last chance to beat them so we tried and tried. I “said’ to my team it doesn’t matter unless we had fun.

Then it was time for prize giving. We sat in to lines and wait for our school name to be called. There they “said’ I was shock. I walked up so happy and hold the trophy. They happily cheered and clapped. Then we went to get changed into our warm clothes. We wait for the Blues games to started. But then the bad weather started. Many of these people were standing with these words at the back of them and it “said ask me and we went to ask them for a flag and they gave us some. The game started and boomed the fire boomed past and there the blues came out. But terrifying  thing is that we had to go at half time                           
Year 5&6 Girls Rippa Rugby @ Eden Park from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, April 30, 2012

First day of swimming

Wow! Today we went to the swimming pools. We started with puting people into teams, like team one, team two and team three. First they gave us a instruction.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back to school

Guess what! We had assembly today and it was so funny. We got to watch videos from other teams. My favourite was about Mr Barks screaming, dancing and crying. My next favourite was the museum when the queen of samoa did the dougie dance move.

Mr Jacobson was a big paint brush and paint board. It had different colors like blue, yellow, purple and pink. We had so much fun watching the teachers dancing and performing.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Roller Blading

As we got to the hall we saw roller blades and table tennis. I was staring at the roller I ask my group teacher if I could go on it and she said yes but when I got there I was so sad that there was nothing. Then I asked my friend if I could go on it after her and she said yes, I was really excited to go on it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Year 5/6 camp 2012

Today is camp and I am really excited. I couldn't wait till it was this day. I found out that I was in respectablez and it was a cool team. First thing we did was cooking with misses Garmin. We had so much fun cooking. What we made was scones.

The scones is for morning tea for us to eat. After morning tea we hoped over to our next mission and it was table tennis. So we got to A play tennis, and roller- scatters. It was so fun there. Tonight I will be sleeping with Aldora and Jorja.

My team leaders are Jonita and uili. They are the best leaders I have ever had. I love going to camp and I want to go back next year when I'm year seven. On Friday The last day of camp year 5/6 are go to the swimorama pool.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Camp

I am looking forward to going to the Swimorama pools. My favourite thing to do there is to go on the hydro slide. I like going down the slide because it is warm

The thing I’m nervous about at camp is kayaking in the sea. I really want to go with two partner’s because if I fall out my partner could help me up. We always put on our life jackets for safety.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

obstacle course

Wow guess what we did in the hall? Well room 15 played a game called obstacle course. So we sat down in the hall and listened to Mr Marks instruction. Then Mr Marks put us into two teams girls team an boys team but it wasn’t a race.

Everyone had so much excitement that they wanted to play straight away. Many people went the wrong direction and fell over thing. Some people looked like a zombie when they were looking for there direction.

It was my tern and I had my eyes blind folded. When my eye were cover It was like darkness around me. I went up the bean and down the slippery skipping rope over the round fat beans into the hula hoop and under the tarpaulin upon the double bed and hoped up on the stage.

Then I stopped and tried to get my direction but then I was to scared to jump down because I might fall on the other side. Then I just hop of the stage and onto the soft high jump mat.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

school picnic

Do you know what we did last Friday? Well we had a school picnic. Walking down to the reserve nearly everyone was excited for the picnic.

We sat in our line's to listen to Mr Burt. Then we were free to find our sitting places. Wow it was a nice sunny day.

Mr Burt had to call out the team to go up to swim. Many kids ran so quickly into the water! It was like they were racing.

My friends and I played with our teacher. We played force-back . Well we started to play, this is how you play the game. You have to kick the ball and if they catch the ball that means you have to take 10 steps forward and if you kick it past the line that is one point. It was me Grace, Aldora, Annliz, Ana, Mele, Charly and Mr Marks.

It was our turn to swim. We all ran to get changed and ran down to the beach. We splashed the water at each other when we got in. Then we had ten more minutes till we had to get out of the beach. Then It was time to go and get changed into our uniform. After that we all had to go back to school and many people we very exhausted.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hope kiwifruit

When I had my kiwifruit, it felt soft inside but hard outside. We all felt it and we had to make up a sentence and give it to the class room. It felt like a tennis ball.

I thought it was a round flat oval. Some people thought it was a soft ball and other thought it was a potato. It look like a round circle to me. When I look at it I liked the hairy part.

Suddenly we had some time to consume the kiwifruit. When the kiwifruit got into my mouth
I consumed it all. There were these little seeds in my kiwifruit and I thought it was ant’s. The seeds went into my mouth I bit the seed. It was crunchy and sour.