Wednesday, February 29, 2012

school picnic

Do you know what we did last Friday? Well we had a school picnic. Walking down to the reserve nearly everyone was excited for the picnic.

We sat in our line's to listen to Mr Burt. Then we were free to find our sitting places. Wow it was a nice sunny day.

Mr Burt had to call out the team to go up to swim. Many kids ran so quickly into the water! It was like they were racing.

My friends and I played with our teacher. We played force-back . Well we started to play, this is how you play the game. You have to kick the ball and if they catch the ball that means you have to take 10 steps forward and if you kick it past the line that is one point. It was me Grace, Aldora, Annliz, Ana, Mele, Charly and Mr Marks.

It was our turn to swim. We all ran to get changed and ran down to the beach. We splashed the water at each other when we got in. Then we had ten more minutes till we had to get out of the beach. Then It was time to go and get changed into our uniform. After that we all had to go back to school and many people we very exhausted.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hope kiwifruit

When I had my kiwifruit, it felt soft inside but hard outside. We all felt it and we had to make up a sentence and give it to the class room. It felt like a tennis ball.

I thought it was a round flat oval. Some people thought it was a soft ball and other thought it was a potato. It look like a round circle to me. When I look at it I liked the hairy part.

Suddenly we had some time to consume the kiwifruit. When the kiwifruit got into my mouth
I consumed it all. There were these little seeds in my kiwifruit and I thought it was ant’s. The seeds went into my mouth I bit the seed. It was crunchy and sour.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Using the right way

We always walk Round the outside

When we come to school we use the pt England way
Stop look and listen when the teacher is talking

Remember to Purua to Potae when you are playing outside

we always love to be kind to the grass and gardEn

Champions never give up when we are playing sports

When it’s time to play we always remember to chuck iT in the bin