Thursday, October 25, 2012

The secret walkway

One night Daniel, Sophia and Jack went for a walk. Suddenly Sophia fell into a bush. She was rolling and rolling until to got to this secret walkway. Daniel, Jack said’’ Sophia come and see this. Daniel and Jack ran as quickly to see what happen. Sophia’ said ‘’look a secret walkway. Wow!

Sophia skipped and skipped until she heard a sound. Boom Boom! All a sudden she was kidnapped. Daniel called out Sophia’s name but she didn’t ‘answer. Jack and Daniel went looking for her. They called again but she still didn’t answer.

Jack called the police. 111! The police race to find the missing girl. They looked at the park but she wasn’t there. So they keep looking and looking. Sophia Sophia’’ called’ Daniel.

Aaaaa Aaaa somebody help me. The police ran to save the girl. They were about to throw her into the fire. Luckily the police caught the kidnappers and put the kidnappers into jail for the rest of there lives. Jack and daniel ran as quickly as they can. Sophia Sophia are you alright.

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