Monday, August 25, 2014

Sarah Potts - Article Week 6

Sarah Potts was an actor on Shortland Street but unfortunately she died, but not really her character died. She calls herself Amanda Billing. Sarah appeared on Shortland Street at the year of 2004, 14 September, until 2014 20th of August. She was brought into the movie by Harriet Crampton. She was in love with a man named TK Samuels and they both acted in the movie. They have a baby name Tilly.

Her death in the movie (Shortland Street) was cause by a bad disease, but it was a way for her to retire because she was sick. Sarah has won and been nominated for multiple awards. As well including a New Zealand Award as “Best Actress”.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ki-O-Rahi is a traditional Maori game that is popular all over New Zealand and is also known in other countries, mainly Europe, France. The game was created in The Legend of Rahi and Patupaiarehe where Rahi’s wife, Patupaiarehe was abducted and taken far away. Rahi had to find her and when he did, Rahi’s tribe and the tribe that abducted Patupaiarehe created Ki-O-Rahi to play instead of going to war.  The game is still going and there are tournaments for adults and children.

There are seven players on each team. There are two types of Ki-O-Rahi, there is the tackle and the non-tackle. Professional adults play tackle in competitions but normally children just play non-tackle with tags. The game is played on a circular field with no outs, the purpose of the game is to hit the te tupu and to defend it by blocking the other team from hitting it with the ball. There are no positions, but there are rules, no more than five people can enter the circle around the te tupu.

If you didn’t know, there is a legend behind this game, it is a story from back in the olden days. The words used in Ki-O Rahi are connected to the story. The story is about Patupairehe stealing Rahi’s wife Tiarakurapakiwai, then Rahi trys to save her. As soon as Rahi rescued his wife, they decided to make peace and they made up the game Ki-O-Rahi. Pou represents the 7 stars of Matariki. Te Tupu represents the rock where Rahi was trapped, Ara represents the pathway of silver ferns.

Hope - Kahurangi writing

The room was silent with anticipation as the lady walked out and began greeting us with a story about the Maori beginning of the world. When she finished her last words the group walked into the hall and performed a song. As soon as the man strum the guitar the ladies sang. My eyes opened wide, I was so amazed it was a great harmony and a awesome some.

With many more songs to come I was so pleased. Three boys would have to go up and copy what the man did. As soon as the man finish off the last moves the three boys would have to copy what he had done. Mr Goodwin, Auri Kamo and Korebeau repeated his moves. I could see they tried there best especially Mr Goodwin, he was going crazy with the maori stick.

Finally they finished with a blast. They sang the song with there hearts and performed showing there true culture. After there beautiful song we asked question about how they grew up into this dance group. They said ”goodbye”. I stretched with a smile on my face it was AWESOME.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Robin Williams - Article

Robin William was born on the 21th of July 1951. He is an American actress, comedian, and such more. William has one daughter and two son, they are named Zelda Rae Williams, Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym Williams.

But sadly his family had to say goodbye to him. He died on the 11th august 2014 bye hanging himself. It broke most peoples heart and brang tears to there eyes. This was a sad moment for his family and friends.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Possum Poles - Maths


a) Click Here to view the tables
b) Tables
c) Tables


a) Tables
b) Priya

c) 7 minutes. He will get to 20m at 7min because Priya climbs another 7m and

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ki-o-rahi - Hope's Writing

The whistle blew and the players moved, defending and scoring points by hitting Te Tupu. The player leapt into the air and powerfully threw the ball aiming at Te Tupu, “SCORE”. The player, with a burst of speed, sped round te Pawero (the outer circle) . He dodged the defenders and clutched the ball. His legs sprinted and leapt in the air targeting Te Tupu, but unfortunately it was blocked by his opponents.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Usain Bolt - Article

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is one of the world’s fastest men. He also is the first man to hold the the world record for the 100m. He has played in the commonwealth games and has won many gold medals for his country, Jamaica. Jamaica has competed in the 4x100m race, and came first place. Usain Bolt was one of the competitors in the 4x100m race.

He competed in the sprint race. Bolt was the first to achieve a Double” Double” by winning 100m and 200m. Usain St. Leo Bolt is his full name. He started sprinting in Primary and went on from there to where he is now. The 27 year old is brother to Sadiki and Sherine Bolt. When he was younger, his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt owned the local grocery store. He has won 16 gold and 3 silver.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Diving - Writing

As the diver balanced, her body was taut. The audience waited in anticipation for her dive. She magnificently left the diving board with a perfect entry. As she somersaulted through the air, she timed it with precision making her way into the water. The diver entered the water confidently and ended it with a minimal splash.