Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tiring Touch

Every Tuesday year 5\6 have touch. We got into teams and started playing. My friend Mele and laita was in the team the we  were versing first. I keep on running up and back and it was tiring.    

Mr Marks blew the whistle a score to Taniela’s team I was in that team. We cheered and walked back to our side. Trying to touch people I  was so tired I was sweating like the sun was burning me.

“Oh no they got try” I said. We were disappointed but it was just a game. We only had little time left so we just played until we got another try. Score’’ said ‘Mr Marks. We cheered and cheered, we were so happy.

The whistle blew and it was game over. “Yey yey we won” I shouted. Then we played another team and again one off my friend was in that team. They looked hard but we didn’t care.

We all played but at the end of the game we lost. We all sat under the tree near the staff room and listen to our results. Obviously we didn’t win but it was just a game. I had so much fun. I can’t wait for next tuesday.             

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going Swimming

Every Friday room 15 goes swimming. We have our own swimming pool right in front of the staff room. Room fifteen got changed and walked quickly to the pool. Girls went in first. When it got to me to get in it was freezing. I got me a life jacket so I can float and a board. Mr Mark blew his whistle. Girl on the right side and boys on the left.

We played a game that we have to swim to the bottom and stay there for long. It was my turn I vs anthony and I won. Girls were winning by five it was 12-7. The whistle blew the girls have won’ said ‘Mr Marks.

We played heaps and heaps of games it was so fun. I can’t wait for next Friday I’ said ‘to myself. I keep playing with my friends we were playing with a ball I call my friend and she past it to me. Mr Mark blew his whistle again he’ said ‘we have to get out of the pool and got change it was the funnest day I ever had.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My basket boat

                                                        This is me in my basket boat

The secret walkway

One night Daniel, Sophia and Jack went for a walk. Suddenly Sophia fell into a bush. She was rolling and rolling until to got to this secret walkway. Daniel, Jack said’’ Sophia come and see this. Daniel and Jack ran as quickly to see what happen. Sophia’ said ‘’look a secret walkway. Wow!

Sophia skipped and skipped until she heard a sound. Boom Boom! All a sudden she was kidnapped. Daniel called out Sophia’s name but she didn’t ‘answer. Jack and Daniel went looking for her. They called again but she still didn’t answer.

Jack called the police. 111! The police race to find the missing girl. They looked at the park but she wasn’t there. So they keep looking and looking. Sophia Sophia’’ called’ Daniel.

Aaaaa Aaaa somebody help me. The police ran to save the girl. They were about to throw her into the fire. Luckily the police caught the kidnappers and put the kidnappers into jail for the rest of there lives. Jack and daniel ran as quickly as they can. Sophia Sophia are you alright.

Hope basket boats

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going to the shops

Marine went to the shop with her sister. They only had five dollars. They walked into the shop and choose a lollie and went to the counter. That will be a dollar thank you. Marine  check in her pocket out of her pocket.

So they looked and looked again until they found it.. A man came in the shop to buy him anchor milk. Marine and her sister asked ‘’the man have you seen a five dollar note? He ‘said ‘no.

When the old man walked outside of the shop with his anchor milk he stepped on a paper. So he pick it up and it’’ said ‘a 5 dollar note. He ran back to the shop to give it to Marine The old man said ‘’is this it he said ‘’Yes. They buy there lollies it was green bubblegum. Mmm! Yummy.