Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exhausting Running

Nervously I walked up to Mr Burt. On your mark get set GO! Of I went running as fast as I can. Puddles were everywhere but I didn’t even care I just keep running. Running with muddy shoes I felt icky.

Halfway there I was already tired. Running through broken bridges and cricket paths it was kind of scary and dangerous at the same time. I didn’t want to slip or fall ether. I tried getting in front of those boy but they are just blocking the way. ‘I said can you move and finally they moved to the side.I was nearly near the finish line and I was coming second. As I was running I really
wanted to keep on that amount of number but I just couldn’t.

Finally at the finish line I came third I was kind of happy because I was going to the interzone.
That’s what I was aiming for. Huffing and puffing sitting down cheering my team. I had muddy and icky shoes and it was yuk.

I felt sticky and wet too. I had muddy feet. Cross Country turn up fun to me I really wanted to run again.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sausages Sizzle

On tuesday Mr Marks told us a surprising news. He said we were going to have a sausage sizzle. We all were shocked and were excited at the same time but we just had to pay one dollar. I started cutting the onions into rings.

While cutting the onion I had watering eyes. After cutting the onion me and grace broke it into pieces. Then it was time to pass it onto the next person. After that Mr Marks cooked it into the BBQ while we were going to IcT and music.

When we got there the girls had to go on the multimedia to finish of our animation while the boys do there work on there netbooks.  In twenty
five minutes we will rotate’’ said Mr Jacobsen.  After twenty five minutes we rotated. Then when I was walking to class from music I could already smell the wafting of sausages.

Coming from ICT I saw stack of sausages on the BBQ. I thought it was stack of log from trees. It look burnt but it wasn’t.

So it was time to eat it. Mr Marks put a sausages and some onions on my bread. I even put some tomato sauce on. I started eating it and it was deliciously yum.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art in motion

Today we went to the hall with Miss Muliaumasealii to do our art in movement. We had a quick warm up. We all had to run up to the last line then run back. Then We started our art in movement. We got in our group and started. The hardest thing we did was trying to remember the dance but the we worked together and remembered it. We practise and practise until we all got it. Then it was time to go back to class we lined up and walked back.   

Aliens on earth

Today we were  learning about aliens kidnapping some humans.

Rugby Tranning

Getting ready for my rugby training I changed into my spare clothes. I got changed and ran down to the bottom field. Then we started with a warm up. Our warm up was to run around the field, we ran quickly like there was a race going on. Finally we got back with exhausted legs. We caught our breath and did some stretches.

We started with some skills drills. Our skills were to run and try to get a try, passing the ball to each others. If we knock it on we have to do some star jumps. I didn’t want to be one of them I said quietly to myself. Whoo! Miss V whistle she said “Stop!” We're going to do a different skill. It was truck and trailer.

Truck and trailer has two people and one is the truck who take the trailer around. The trailer has to follow the truck. I was the truck so I had to take  my partner Ata around. This was to help us to follow our enemies. So then we finished with a game. We got put into to two teams. I was one team and Jordyn was another team. As we were playing we notice we were dirty. After that game we went to wash our legs and walked back with sore legs.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cross Country Practise

Everyday after lunchtime room 13 to 17 go out for cross country practise because Cross country is coming up. While we wait Mr Marks Tells us where to go. He calls out which
Years go first. I waited until he says year 6 girls. Off I went as fast as I could. Sprinting like the wind pushing me toward to finish line.

I ran all the way until I got to Mr somerville. So I finally got around him and ran back. Sprinting threw heap of people I was so puffing and huffing. I slowed down to catch my breath.                                                     

So I keep running to catch up with my friends. Halfway there  I stopped again because I had a really bad stitch. So then I walked the whole way back. I finally got there so I walked around the courts to cool me down. Then it was time to do our stretches. Legs apart and lean to the left then we did the other. Then we bend down to touch our toes without bending our knees. Then we stretched our hands. So off we went back to class “so exhausted I,’ said.