Monday, May 26, 2014

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson grew up in America and loved Music, he was called King Of Pop. Michael Joseph Jackson was a songwriter, Actor, Musician , Dancer, businessman  and philanthropist. (Philanthropist means a rich guy that gives money away to worthy causes). He was the eighth child of the Jackson Family, born on August 29 in 1958.

On his first moment on the stage was with his brothers as a member of the jackson 5 in 1968, and began his solo career in 1971. During his career in 1980 his music was popular. I love his songs, especially ABC! Some of his other popular music was Beat it, Billie Jean and thriller.

Michael could not only sing , he was a brilliant dancer as well! I use to always watch and sing along to his amazing and talented songs and infact, I still do.  He was a good man, a good man.

Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50. He died from a Cardiac arrest. For those who don’t know, he died from a hard attack. It was hard on his family because it was a sudden death.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Steven Adams

Stevenson Adams is an awesome player. He was raised up in Rotorua, New Zealand and born on the 28th of July 1993. His siblings are Valerie Adams and Warren Adams.He is now at the age of 20. One of his favourite games is Basketball. He played it when he was in college and grew up playing in a professional team (Oklahoma City Thunder).

On July 12, 2013, Adams signed with the Thunders. Later that month he help the Thunders become the first ever champions of the Orlando summer league. He succeed in his team and continue on playing it. His positions was a centre.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hope, Mya and Javana Movies


How does echolocation work?
Echolocation is used by animals such as bats,dolphins and whales to navigate and locate prey. When they make high pitched noises the sound reflects when it hits a nearby object. It bounces off the object and into the animals sensitive ears. This tells the animals were the prey is.

Ben is a boy that uses Echolocation to navigate himself to places. He makes noises with his mouth, and when he makes sounds with his mouth it will reflect back to him so he will know what is heading to him. It’s just as what bats do. They make a sound and then it will reflect back to it. Then it can tell what is near and how big it is.

Bat are as the same as what marine animals do. But marine mammals use echolocation to transport in their places while using a high pitch sound to find their prey.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quiz Aticle Term 2

Breaking News! I have heard in Africa 234 girls were taken by kidnappers. That is so shocking news, isn't it? Nearly a million women's marching in the Nigerian Capital with signs that says Bring Our Girls Back. Mothers of the girls were so full with tears, disappointed and so so upset. Girls were taken from a high school by kidnappers.

Nothing has brought the girls back. They have not rescued any girls yet. The girls were at the age of 16-18. Parents and other town have joined together to search for their girls. People from other country like USA have also joined to support and search for the girls.   

It’s been about a month now that the Nigerian girls have been kidnapped by the local terrorist group, and families are starting to loose hope. The terrorist are wanting some of their group released from prison.

The girls have been getting support from all around the world. Governments from all around the world have been calling for the girls release. Hopefully the parents will get their girls back soon and everything will come out fine.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

It's the first day of term two and everyone is back safe with there uniforms on. Everyone just waiting to experience about this term. In every term our teachers does a bit of a show to show us what we are going to learn this term. Our teachers dressed in some funky clothing. As we could see our team five teachers dressed in musical clothes, they had stuff that make sounds and beats. We could see helium balloons. The helium balloons made me realise that our topic was to be about experiencing on stuff.

Our topic this term is about science. We started assembly and we began on an experience on a taxi cars lifted by helium balloons. How many balloons do you think it would lift a tiny taxi New York car?  Well it was sixteen balloons to lift a small toy car. My eyes shine as the balloons went hire into the sealing. This term was going to be some experiment term i thought to my. Our teacher performed there show and showed us what really is our topic.Team one was about the Zoo. The showed us different animals. Secondly it was team two and they presented a show of different planes and how the work. How do you work a plane?  It got more interesting as we went through each group. But my favourite was team 5 because it was musical and the teachers were dress up with funky clothes. It was pretty funny seeing them in different clothes. They also had different instruments that made strange sounds. Finally we had finished everything  and departed back to our class rooms.

I cant wait for more and more experience this term.