Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Going Swimming

Every Friday room 15 goes swimming. We have our own swimming pool right in front of the staff room. Room fifteen got changed and walked quickly to the pool. Girls went in first. When it got to me to get in it was freezing. I got me a life jacket so I can float and a board. Mr Mark blew his whistle. Girl on the right side and boys on the left.

We played a game that we have to swim to the bottom and stay there for long. It was my turn I vs anthony and I won. Girls were winning by five it was 12-7. The whistle blew the girls have won’ said ‘Mr Marks.

We played heaps and heaps of games it was so fun. I can’t wait for next Friday I’ said ‘to myself. I keep playing with my friends we were playing with a ball I call my friend and she past it to me. Mr Mark blew his whistle again he’ said ‘we have to get out of the pool and got change it was the funnest day I ever had.

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