Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspiration

A surprising message had said to us that some visitors were traveling to our school to talk about there FUTURE ASPIRATION. When they arrived we met some friends that we have already met and some we haven't apparently. A man called Andrew Pattison came to help youth and young people to achieve there future.

Our first speaker that Andrew Pattison introduced was Anthony Samuels, which we call Mr Samuels. Anthony told us about keys to unlock the phrases. No matter what never push your dreams back keep holding on your dreams. One of his phrases said (your past does not have to determine your future), which means just because you do something bad one day doesn’t mean you have to be bad the next day, also he told us a meaning in maori. To miharo hoki which means you are awesome or amazing, never forget that.

The second speaker was a man called Paula. He told us how he nearly died by swimming in a competition. Well first he started swimming at school and he was the best in the school so he got chosen to compete in a competition where other people would be competing as well. Since he’s tall he said that if he gets tired he can stand on his feet and walk. When the sound of the clappers clapped off he went, half ways is always were thy slow down and wear he lets his legs walk for him. But apparently when he went to touch the ground he realize that the pool was deep. Then all of a sudden they couldn't see him. He passed out, the raced stopped and the life guard jump in the pool and pulled him out off the pool. He couldn't breath, so he lifeguard push into his chest until he started coughing that was a sign he’s okay. It was so frightening for his mother seeing him there, also it was embarrassing for him because his friends were laughing at him. So that day he stopped swimming. But later on he became a organisation attitude.

Now go and find your dream, succeed it, strive to it and hold on to it. Remember champions never give up. Keep this in your head, To miharo hoki (“you are awesome”), no matter what believe, believe, and make it real. It will never happen if you don’t believe “Go Hard”! One more thing don’t let your past determine your future.

Good Friend - Example Writing

Do you have a friend that is always there for you from when you’ve met till now? Well I have so many of them. Good friends are a special thing to me because they will never leave you behind. She or he will always be by your side even though you’ve had up’s and down’s.

You always should have a good friend. Why, because they can stand up for you when people are putting you down. Good friends can keep your biggest secret. They can understand how you feel and encourage you to keep striving to succeed. You need a friend to help you when you ever get stuck on things, like if you get frustrated she/he can calm you down. Its always good to have a good friend.

A good friend can be not like you, you might not have the same personality, style or culture. It doesn’t really matter about that. It’s how you stay together as friends and do everything as a team. Your friend can get disappointed and annoyed at you but it always work out when you apologies.

You always got to be a good friend. To keep your relationship with your friend you got to have a good attitude. If you can be a good friend then you’ll both can be happy.

Make sure you always have a good friend. You always need some back up. Friends are special because you’ll never get another like her/him. A right friend is hard to find but when you find one never let her/him go. If you can be a good friend please show it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 7 - Article About Dead Boy In America

A 12 year old boy died on Sunday 23th of November, in Ohio Park,  shot dead caused of carrying a fake gun. Police thought he was carrying a pellet gun so he shot him in the stomach about two times. His names called Tamir Rice, people near the park were scared by him, they saw him playing with his gun in the park. So they rang the police then laters that day he died because he was shot by the police.

Families of Tamir Rice cried in tears hearing his child died by a shooting in Ohio Park. There heart were torn apart of there beloved child Tamir Rice. Since that happen they have called for a new law that all BB guns, airriifle and airsoft sold to be brightly marked to show its fake or not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hope - Rip Writing

Have you ever been caught in a rip when swimming at a surf beach?
It can be dangerous and frightening. Well

I’m here to tell you how to identify a rip, how to avoid one and what to do if you are caught in a rip.

A rip is found in surf beaches. The water comes into shore in waves but it has a way to go back out. This water flowing back out to sea is called a rip.

Normally, there are warnings at the beaches with high rip rate so make sure to look out for those when swimming at an unknown beach. Beaches with high rip rates are highly recommended to stay away from for safety. So if you follow my tips you have a better chance of surviving.

You can identify a rip by the colour of the ocean. When the sand is black the oceans gets darker, when the sand is white the sea get lighter. Another way to identify a rip is how the ocean looks, if the sea is calm and the water are ripples.

If you are caught in a rip instead of panicking stay calm, that will keep you away from drowning and you will get tired. First, see if you can touch the ground, then put your hand in the air. Don’t wave your hand because it will look like you are waving to someone. Try swimming to the sides. When you are there the waves can push you into shore.

Take these tips and use them when there is a problem in the sea. These tips will help you survive from a rip. Remember when you are in trouble in the sea always, always KEEP CALM.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Art Attack" Writing

"Art Attack” everyone shouted. It was our Immersion Assembly and Art Attack was the topic for this term. Each Team had to put on a performance that had something to do with the Topic.The music started as Team 5 walked upon the stage. They were all in white with painting brush, one of them was wearing a Beret (French Hat). I was so interested in Team 5’s performance because I was amazed from it.

Each teacher in team 5 surrounded the drawing board but I couldn’t see a thing they were drawing. My eyes were waiting anxiously to see it. It took minutes and minutes but at the end we didn't have a clue who it was or what it was. Suddenly the teachers realised it was upside down so they turned the painting right side up.  Wow’’ everyone said, my eyes were blown away. It came out great. The 3 paintings were portraits. Mr Jacobson was shown on the left.  The second painting was Mrs Jarman and last but not least Mr Burt. My hands couldn’t wait till we start this Term, painting, drawing and sketching.

Mr Jacobson and Mrs Tele’a talked about Art from the islands and painting with big and small paintbrushes. Now we are back and we are ready to learn. I like Immersion Assembly and I am going to miss them when I go off to college next year.


Made By Class 4 Girls ( Mele, Ane, Ana, Annliz )