Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Wow! guess what. We are going swimming for two weeks to learn how to swim. We got ready and started to walk to the YMCA pools. The wind was blowing hard and was rustling our plastic bags.

When we walked into the pools I could smell the chlorine and chemicals. First we all got changed in to our togs. When I first got in to the pools it was warm like being in the sun. Miss Garden gave us lots of different tips. I had to swim all the way to the other side with out breathing and I did it!

Once our turn was over we jumped out and changed back into our beautiful uniforms. I felt so tired once we had walked all the way back to school. What a fun day, I hope that we get to go back to swim again!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bulding a Tower

On the first day of school Room Fifteen and Room Fourteen were trying to build the tallest tower. It was so much fun.

First Mr Marks told us some tips before starting. We had to use newspaper but only eight pieces. My team mates were Mele, Doris, Quziyah. Then Mr Marks called out, “start now”.

My team were working hard to win the challenge. So I told my team how to make it. We started rolling four pieces of newspaper up like tubes for the legs.

Then we started to wrap the tape around the tubes. Mele was so angry because she thought that our one was going to be the smallest. After a while Mr Marks called out, “time up, time up”. Our team was so angry because we knew we didn’t win because our one was the smallest.