Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why Sports Are Important

Do you know why sports is important? Well there's lots of reasons why. One reason is because it gets you fit. It also helps you to get faster and stronger. It might make your world change if you join all kinds of sports. What you need to do if you want to play any sports need patiences . Training every time is great because it can help you get better at that sport you love. Remember you can train with friends and teachers or coaches. Coaches are really great because they already know how to play sports and they even have great skill's to teach you. Sports are usually governed by rules to make the game fair to play. 

My favourite sports are rugby and netball, why I love these sports is rugby is a game where people can tackle each others. Netball is similar but netball is much better. It's a game where people don't get hurt that much, and passing are the same in both games but in netball you can't move when you have the ball you will have to pass then you could move. As you pass along you have to shot the ball into the hoop. But rugby is a game that you can move with the ball but you can get tackled so WATCH OUT! Rugby is painful, rugby is fun, rugby is harsh but really the game is AWESOME!! These are my favourite sports and that why sports are important.     

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