Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Art Attack" Writing

"Art Attack” everyone shouted. It was our Immersion Assembly and Art Attack was the topic for this term. Each Team had to put on a performance that had something to do with the Topic.The music started as Team 5 walked upon the stage. They were all in white with painting brush, one of them was wearing a Beret (French Hat). I was so interested in Team 5’s performance because I was amazed from it.

Each teacher in team 5 surrounded the drawing board but I couldn’t see a thing they were drawing. My eyes were waiting anxiously to see it. It took minutes and minutes but at the end we didn't have a clue who it was or what it was. Suddenly the teachers realised it was upside down so they turned the painting right side up.  Wow’’ everyone said, my eyes were blown away. It came out great. The 3 paintings were portraits. Mr Jacobson was shown on the left.  The second painting was Mrs Jarman and last but not least Mr Burt. My hands couldn’t wait till we start this Term, painting, drawing and sketching.

Mr Jacobson and Mrs Tele’a talked about Art from the islands and painting with big and small paintbrushes. Now we are back and we are ready to learn. I like Immersion Assembly and I am going to miss them when I go off to college next year.

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