Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lorde- Article

Lorde is a 16 year old student at Takapuna Grammar College. She is a New Zealand singer/songwriter. Lorde released her first album, The Love Club, Online in December 2012, winning millions of fans.

Surprisingly Lorde hit the top 40 billboard (Royals), and also reached number one on the Billboard hot 100 in 2013, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States. She jointly won the 2013 Silver Scroll award.

Her other name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. Lorde performed difference singing and and drama classes when she was a child, at the age of thirteen she was sighed with Universal. She has a a older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister. When she was the age of 5 she followed a dream with her friend discovering that they love singing and acting.

Lorde was in a school called Belmont Intermediate School, and attended in the schools talent show. After seeing her performance at the talent show, McDonald’s father sent out recordings of Lorde covering Duffy’s hit song.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Empathy Movie

Fiafia Night 2014

As I walked into a crowd of people I could smell delicious food.  Well it was coming from our amazing food stalls. This night was a special night for our kiwi kids at Pt England School. We’ve had this every second year. Fiafia?, Hmm if you don’t know what that is well let me explain it to you. 
Fia Fia is a night where we perform items. We get put into groups and we’ve been practising every week till this day Wednesday 9th of April. It’s a time when our children also show their true cultures and celebrate.

My group was a majestic team, Hip Hop. Our team has worked hard to impress our family. We danced so hard that I think that we were outstanding. 

My favourite performance though was the Samoan group because they just stood on the stage and showed everyone there magnificent country Samoa. If you were there who did you think was that best and maybe why?

The night had gone so fast and already it was up to our last performance, the Cook Island drummers. The Cook Island group was a so loud that it got me moving to the beat. Then the boys headed onto the stage dancing and showing their culture, girls did the hula onto the stage. It was outstanding.

I felt so tired after we finished our fiafia so we head out to out changing room and waited for our parents. "That was a great night," I said to my mum after she’d pick me up. "Bye." I said to Miss King as I head out with my Family

Monday, April 7, 2014

About Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker is a sportsman from new Zealand. He is one of the best boxer in New Zealand. He lived in southern Auckland. Joseph was born in 1992 the 9th January, Apia Samoa. Joseph’s nickname is Explosive Joseph, his total fights is 7 and he won all seven of them, he got 6 win by knock out and no losses. His nationality is Samoa. Joseph is the elders in the parkers brothers.

Joseph took up boxing when he was eleven and trains at a gym in Papatoe. He went to a school named Marcellin college near royal oak. Parker competed in the heavy super weight category at the 2010 commonwealth game. His first game was 14-7, he won that game. He just needed to win the second game and the quarter final but he lost to Tariq Abdul Haqq. The fight was tied 7-7 but the judges however gave Tariq Abdul Haqq the win. He turned professional in May.

Parker is rated as a super heavyweight (Amateur). He defeated Francois Botha ‘the white buffalo’ 13th of june 2013 by the 2nd round knock out. He had 36 wins, 13 losses , and 2 draws. He is set to take place in the heavyweight world title bout in Germany on the 26th of April 2014.

Friday, April 4, 2014

P.E at Tamaki College

I introduced my name, My name is Hope”. After saying our names we played a game that we had to get into partners, I was number 2 and my partner was number 1, so number one will be chasing after number two but first number 1 has to spin 3 times” our leader said. I quickly hide behind my friends back so that my partner couldn’t find me. I could tell that he was dizzy because he couldn't find me and he was wriggling around trying  to land on his balance.

I look to the left and then switched my face to the right, aah” he was standing right there looking for me. Tag” he said . I was laughing but then I had to spin three times, it was such a fun game. We stopped after a few minutes to play this other game. The game included star jumps, turning around with a stick on that your hand and also running. It’s a  racing game so can you get into two teams please” Rebeka said, Rebeka is one of our leaders. We played and played I couldn't stop playing it because it was so fun. Thank you Tamaki college for your time!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Love Sports

       I love Sports

Here’s a question for who’s reading this. Do you love Playing sports? What favorites sport do you like? Well let me answer all those, My name is Hope Loia I really really love sports, I was born to play sports well some people were born to do our things but i’m a sport fan. My favorite sports are especially playing Rugby, Rugby league and netball. But I love all sports really much even though I am bad or good at it. I just want to thank God for a great talent like this. It’s a beautiful talent for me because I really love being in the sun running and passing the ball and doing all those sporty things.

I think sports helps you to keep fit and pump up. It keeps you speedy and fast, if you would love to be speedy and fast then I think that you should train and practice at a sport that you're probably good at.

Thank for reading my story THE END!

Hip Hop Dance

                                 HIP HOP DANCE

Fanning my face as I just finished a couple rounds of doing the dance. Water dripping down my face while I leaned on the wall. So now can you get into your teams” Said Miss King, I rushed towards my teammates before the music had started. The beat of the music started and we let our body’s move to the music. We’d have a competition after a few practices. Our team (Matatua) worked hard because if we win we could win some points for our team. One, two, three as we count the moves as we went on dancing.

OK times up” Miss King said, Miss king turned the music back on, we all started dancing our hardest like as we were showing off. Miss Paget and Miss King walked around to see who would get point for best dancer. The song replayed until they have found the dancer. So who did you picked Miss Paget? Asked Miss King, well I have pick these 4 girls from,  takitimu. How much do you reckon they should get ? 100 points each, WOW! Miss king picked all of the girls in our team, there were 4 of us girls, We got 50 points each. Now everyone give a big clap for our amazing leaders Mele and Levi, they should get 100 each Miss Paget said. 

Week 7 DLO