Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock Art

Happily Rm 15 went outside to paint an artwork just like Jackson Pollock’s art. We grabbed  a piece of huge cardboard and a piece of A3 paper. I sellotaped my A3 paper to my cardboard. Quickly we ran outside and started to flick. As I was flicking on my paint I could already feel paint on me!

I used multiple colours for my painting like blue, yellow, black, white, pink and different other colours. It felt icky but it was still fun. Messily my hands were covered with paint.
Sadly I got paint on my uniform.

Jackson Pollock was a frenchman who lived in America. I think he was from New york. He also smoked and drank a lot. He has a wife and her name is Lee Krasner. Sadly he died when he was 44 year old.   


  1. Hope you are doing such a good job of starting your sentences in an interesting way with different sentence beginnings.

    Also your writing has some interesting, descriptive words which make it a pleasure to read.

  2. Hey, Hope

    I really like what you have wrote about Jackson Pollock art work, I think it is really cool and I like the way she has done her art work.



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