Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Katz) Kawau Island

I said “Bye”, to my family and I felt so sad that I wanted to go back home, but I just didn’t want to miss all the fun things they are going to do at Camp Bentzon. I didn’t want to cry. So then we put all of the bags into the bus and off we went. “Bye, bye”! I shouted out the window.

On the bus we went past the city and it looked so amazing. I just couldn’t wait to see Camp Bentzon even though I still had feelings for home. Off the bus and on the ferry we go. It took so long because we had to put the bags into the ferry. Luckily we were on the top of the ferry it was so scary.

Finally we got there but we just had one problem. We had to go for a walk. As we were walking we stopped where these rocks were stacked and Isara had to make up a speech for Pt England. After that we started walking again. “I’m so tired” I said to my friends. We kept walking until we got to a beach where some old people were living.

The next day we did different activities and it was so fun. My best activity was sailing because me and my partner Annliz were sailing. While sailing we ended up on this other beach. It was crack up. Then peter the sailing man came and told us how to get back. We manage to get back on our own.

It was time to get back on the ferry and back to school. It was sad and exciting because I’m going to see my family. We had the best days of our life.

Thank you to Annliz for editing my Writing

Friday, November 16, 2012

The big Storm

On Tuesday it was raining and there was a lightning. It was shocking and I was really really scared. I didn't want to go home because I didn't want to get hit from the lightning. It was hailing as well and there were so much I that it was so cold like north pole.

OMG! I said to myself I was so so so scared and frighten. When I looked at the grass all I could see was white ice and big puddles all over our school. I was like how am I getting home. When the rain and lightning stopped. We went home I went to pick up my sister and there was ice all around there. I pick up some and throw it to my friend. It was so cold.

Making Origami thing's

On Wednesday room fifteen had been making origami's. Do you know what's origami well I will tell you about this . Well origami is something you make out of paper like rabbit a Dog or a bear. Well what I did was a plane. I did a plane because it's much more easier.

We had so much fun making thing. It was getting messy and icky to. After doing those very cool stuff. It was time to clean up. Today was so fun I" said "to my friend. I wanted to make something else but it was to hard and it was time to go morning tea.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

This week room fifteen has been in Sylvia park to see the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was one of the presenters of my class and my friend Laita was one of them to. We practise and practise until we got our speeches. My favourite movie was the Asonto Tamaki College. My aunty was in that video and I was like" aye "that my aunty.  She was doing the Asonto with the kids in Tamaki College.

My other favourite movie was room sixteen it was so funny when Levi tried throwing the shot put but it actually wasn't a shot put it was a ball. When he throws it up and it came back down and banged on his head. It was nearly me and my partner Laita's turn to present. I was so nervous that I was shivering.

Me and Laita walked and sat on the steps next to Mrs Burt. I was so nervous because it was our turn next. We got the microphone of Mrs Burt and walked so scared. Finally I got up the stage and talked. I wanted to say it fast but then some people might just not understand. Yey as I was walking down the step to go and sit down. After watching all those amazing movie the presenters went to eat our morning tea.

Then Mrs Telea listen up these people will be presenting again now. My friend Lisia and Gloria names came up then I heard my name and my partner Laita I was like OMG!

Friday, November 9, 2012

The amazing touch game

On Wednesday our teams went to a touch tournament. There was a year seven team a year 5\6 team and the littlest ones the year four and some are year five too. Some of our teams walked and most of us went by car. It was a great sunny day and it was so hot.

I first team was against Tamaki Intermediate 2. One of them were tall and fast. The game started and of we played. trying our best to win our first game. It got to the last five minutes and we were winning. At the end of the game we won we did our cheers and we shaked hands.

We were off to our other games I really like the game that we vs glenbrae because we had so much points we had 9 tries to 0 tries we were so amazed but we had to keep humble because our semi finals was next we challenged Tamaki Intermediate 1. They looked hard but we just gave it our best shot to get to the final. The whistle blew it was our first try.

We clapped and ran back quickly before they tap and run. Touch said one of our players. We quickly ran back again and again. We were so tired I wanted to swap because I was nearly on the whole game. As soon as I sat on the grass it was game over. Yeah” yeah we sing and laughed. Mr Marks” said “he is going to put the best people on he’s not gonna make it fear because he wants us to win I was one of them. As we played we scored a try.  

We played and played it was nearly game over and then we scored another try yeah yeah we screamed. There was only five minutes left so we just played and we never give a try away. The whistle blew game over. Yeah yeah we screamed and hugged each others. We were so happy. Our other teams also won there game and that was so awesome we were so so so happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Crash

One sunny day  there was a boy called Ronnie and he had a sister called Isabella. They wanted to do a fun thing but actually it was dangerous. They jumped from the roof and bounced on the jumperleen.

Ronnie was first to jumped.  As he crawled to the edge of the roof, he finally got the thought that it was a bad idea. But he still jumped. “Oh no,!” Said Isabella “He’s hurt.” “I think my arm is broken” yelled out Ronnie.

Isabella called out her mum.  Suddenly, she could hear a big thumping noise, and it started to get closer and closer. “What has happened.”  Isabella said “He broke his arm. Now I don’t know what to do.”

Within an attempt, Mum said “Bring him to the car”.  “ Where are we going?” Isabella said. “We are going to the hospital.” replied mum. They took him to have a look at his arm. They put a cast on his arm. Ronnie stopped crying. They went back home and never did something dangerous like that again.

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Ant Army


This is my picture of the ant army and they have found a long cream donut.