Monday, April 8, 2013

Triathlon (Swim,Bike and run)

Jumping so high doing high jump so bored that I really wanted to get to the bikes. We had to wait until serenity and to slide four times. Go shouted Dan. Zooming across some of the girls I finally got to the bikes. Putting on my helmet before getting onto my bike. Now I’m just paddling as fast as I can trying to come first but then I thought it wasn’t a race at all.Hi I said to my friend as I ride past her. So I slowed down just chilling as I ride through the finish line.

I jumped of the bike and Left it where it was before. I felt a little bit exhausted but I still gave it my best. Sprinting around the field trying to get to the finish line. “Yey I shouted I made it but I didn’t come first I came third but i’m still proud of that. I suddenly drop on the floor and closed my eyes like I was still in bed.

Breathing in and out I stood back up. That was great as ,I said to laita as I walked back to sit where my class were. This time it was the boys turn. Cheering the boys as they ran, but all a sudden one of tryathlon man said that we were all going to get another try. I was so excited to have another try. I just never wanted to stop.