Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two lost Childs

A little girl whispered “We have journeyed far now we must go back home.”
“But how do we? We’re surrounded by trees”
“Where are we?”
“The forest” Dan  whispered back. Trying to find our way out of here we followed a path going on and on. As they walked towards a tree Trinity, the little girl, tripped over a branch that was lying on the floor. “Ouch ouch” she said while she rubbed her leg. Luckily Dan remembered that he had put his first aid kit in his bag for emergencies, and that was an emergency. “Still staying strong down there sis?”
“Yea but it still hurts” she replied. “It stings” she said quietly to herself. Now they had finished bandaging her leg they head on back to finding their way home. Still walking nearly losing their strength Dan and Trinity were trying to hold on.

On the way back home Dan and his little sister Trinity saw a bench, so they awfully walked there so tired and so brave to get home. Empty stomachs and starving for food. “Come on Trinity let’s go now we gotta get home Mum might be worried of us not home at this kind of time Dan said.” But as Dan and Trinity were searching themselves back home they didn’t actually know that mum was really worried that they were missing so mum went and dialled 111” ring ring! ring! ring! Hello police my name is miranda and my two kids are in the forest Dan and Trinity, they still haven’t come back home please help me. “Ok ok just tell me where they are right now, “Well I think they are in the forest. “Ok thank you see you later bye. “Bye mum replied. Mum started to huff and puff getting worried and nervous at the same time.
So Dan and Trinity still on there walk and as they were walking they saw one of the police mens
with there torch light walking around. “Officer officer here over here, Waving there hands up in the air so that the police could see them. “Hello guys Dan and Trinity is that your names “Yes they replied, “Ok come with me your mum is worried about you guys she’s so worried.

5 minutes later they finally got there, thank you officer, “thank you for your help
“It’s what we do the police said goodbye now. Mum waved goodbye. As when the police officer just got on the road to minutes later dad appear home back from home and they all went to sleep quickly. The END

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Raining and Pouring

Rain started pouring down as I was walking to school. I was hoping that my hair wouldn’t get wet. Luckily I packed my raincoat into my bag and also my big umbrella. I was 100 meters away from school still walking in the rain. Trying to not get my hair wet so it didn’t get so bushy before I get to school. I was walking for a while then started to run. Nearly there I said to myself encouraging myself. On the way there I saw My friend Grace. “Hey Grace wait up!”, I shouted.
Now running trying to catch up to my friend. “Hello she said, hey I replied how are you!”, Good thank you she replied again. Well so what are we gonna today aye? “Grace said I don’t know I’m not the teacher. We started “laughing hahaha good times good times. Just 10 steps to get to school we here and it still raining. Walking into the school hallway and finally the sun shined out, “finally we both said Laughing again hahaha. Time to learn now.