Friday, September 13, 2013

A moviie about my life (for fun)

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hope, Serenity, Eleva, and Fa'ao

Serenity, Faa'ao, Eleva and Hope from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Mele and Hope Nelson Mandela - MLK

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King were both working for racial equality.

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king  were black men who had to suffer violence,  a consequence of their fighting for the cause of racial equality. They both had to deal with racism like segregation, degradation and interrogation. They also went to jail.

Nelson Mandela was born on 18th July 1918. He was the President of south Africa and he is still alive. Nelson Mandela was opposing the Government and for that he ‘t vote got sent to prison for 27 years. He was in prison from 1956  - 1990. The black people and Nelson Mandela couldn't vote.
Nelson Mandela became the President of South Africa from 1994-1999 when...

Martin Luther King was born on january 15th 1929. He got arrested for tax fraud and traffic deference but he only stayed in jail for two or three weeks, Martin Luther king was allowed to vote and was an American men and got assassinated. Martin Luther king died april 4, (1968) and he was 39 years old.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hope& Mele Rock Climbing

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why Sports Are Important

Do you know why sports is important? Well there's lots of reasons why. One reason is because it gets you fit. It also helps you to get faster and stronger. It might make your world change if you join all kinds of sports. What you need to do if you want to play any sports need patiences . Training every time is great because it can help you get better at that sport you love. Remember you can train with friends and teachers or coaches. Coaches are really great because they already know how to play sports and they even have great skill's to teach you. Sports are usually governed by rules to make the game fair to play. 

My favourite sports are rugby and netball, why I love these sports is rugby is a game where people can tackle each others. Netball is similar but netball is much better. It's a game where people don't get hurt that much, and passing are the same in both games but in netball you can't move when you have the ball you will have to pass then you could move. As you pass along you have to shot the ball into the hoop. But rugby is a game that you can move with the ball but you can get tackled so WATCH OUT! Rugby is painful, rugby is fun, rugby is harsh but really the game is AWESOME!! These are my favourite sports and that why sports are important.     

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fairytale story 1

Once upon a time there was 3 bears who lived in the forest . There favourite food were just fruits, one day they thought to there self how are were going to find some fruit I'm so hungry said little baby bear I am as well Mr bear said. Mrs bear says hey well do you know how we live in the woods well we can go looking for some in the wood. "Yes that's a good idea" little baby bear said. So they went on looking for some fruit berries around that wood. They bought with themselves a basket and some food from home encase they get hungry.      To be continue

Prospective student

He bravely climbs up a big mountain so tired and so sore trying to hold on. until he got to the top he barely could stand up, so on he went with his numb fingers and bear foot. He question to himself is he going to die today but actually he made it up but still walking to get to the dun-gin way up there. "You can do it Jack you can do it" he encouraged himself. Finally he got to the top of the hill. he knocked on the door"knock knock. (door opens) he was so excited he wanted to be part of the group. (The man left hand points to it side) Jack was so angry he stay all night. Next day..... He was so angry that he just kicked the door open, the man walked into the door thinking what is he doing. So the man pointed again and then Jack realised that he was pointing at the sign that says please use the other door. Jack was really embarrassed of himself with a strange look on his face.

Brownys and soup

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two lost Childs

A little girl whispered “We have journeyed far now we must go back home.”
“But how do we? We’re surrounded by trees”
“Where are we?”
“The forest” Dan  whispered back. Trying to find our way out of here we followed a path going on and on. As they walked towards a tree Trinity, the little girl, tripped over a branch that was lying on the floor. “Ouch ouch” she said while she rubbed her leg. Luckily Dan remembered that he had put his first aid kit in his bag for emergencies, and that was an emergency. “Still staying strong down there sis?”
“Yea but it still hurts” she replied. “It stings” she said quietly to herself. Now they had finished bandaging her leg they head on back to finding their way home. Still walking nearly losing their strength Dan and Trinity were trying to hold on.

On the way back home Dan and his little sister Trinity saw a bench, so they awfully walked there so tired and so brave to get home. Empty stomachs and starving for food. “Come on Trinity let’s go now we gotta get home Mum might be worried of us not home at this kind of time Dan said.” But as Dan and Trinity were searching themselves back home they didn’t actually know that mum was really worried that they were missing so mum went and dialled 111” ring ring! ring! ring! Hello police my name is miranda and my two kids are in the forest Dan and Trinity, they still haven’t come back home please help me. “Ok ok just tell me where they are right now, “Well I think they are in the forest. “Ok thank you see you later bye. “Bye mum replied. Mum started to huff and puff getting worried and nervous at the same time.
So Dan and Trinity still on there walk and as they were walking they saw one of the police mens
with there torch light walking around. “Officer officer here over here, Waving there hands up in the air so that the police could see them. “Hello guys Dan and Trinity is that your names “Yes they replied, “Ok come with me your mum is worried about you guys she’s so worried.

5 minutes later they finally got there, thank you officer, “thank you for your help
“It’s what we do the police said goodbye now. Mum waved goodbye. As when the police officer just got on the road to minutes later dad appear home back from home and they all went to sleep quickly. The END

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Raining and Pouring

Rain started pouring down as I was walking to school. I was hoping that my hair wouldn’t get wet. Luckily I packed my raincoat into my bag and also my big umbrella. I was 100 meters away from school still walking in the rain. Trying to not get my hair wet so it didn’t get so bushy before I get to school. I was walking for a while then started to run. Nearly there I said to myself encouraging myself. On the way there I saw My friend Grace. “Hey Grace wait up!”, I shouted.
Now running trying to catch up to my friend. “Hello she said, hey I replied how are you!”, Good thank you she replied again. Well so what are we gonna today aye? “Grace said I don’t know I’m not the teacher. We started “laughing hahaha good times good times. Just 10 steps to get to school we here and it still raining. Walking into the school hallway and finally the sun shined out, “finally we both said Laughing again hahaha. Time to learn now.  

Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Diabetes work

What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder of sickness that c this is Serenity and Martha we are going to be talking but what are Diabetes and how you can get Diabetes. Well first  Diabetes is a -Disorder-pancreas and works like a key to a door –the  insulin opens the door of the cells of our body allowing the sugar to go from the bloodstream into the cells where it is then used for energy. If there is not enough insulin or if the insulin can’t open the door to the cell, the sugar levels rise in the blood and diabetes occurs.

Long term die
The consequence of having diabetes you can have a heart attack. Stroke  and much more having diabetes is not a good sign. Diabetes  is a bad sickness . Trying to get rid of is to  do heaps of ex aside and  go on a diet.   
-Heart attack/Stroke/Sleep apilan/Lore limbs

Cause of diabetes:
Too much sugar
not enough insulin/glucose stays in your blood.
Tired no en

Types of Diabetes:
There is type one and type two kind of Diabetes
Type two Diabetes is about when one person in the family then everybody in the family will start to get it
Type one Diabetes you can get type one Diabetes easier by drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes and also not exercising this is also the same thing as type 2 Diabetes

Type One Diabetes:
Children diagnosed with diabetes usually have Type 1 diabetes. You do not get diabetes from eating too much sugar and you do not ‘catch’ it from sitting next to someone with diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is unable to make enough insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes:


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Surprising Desaster

A mist overtook our village. Why tonight, on my special day, my birthday. I was turning 16. We were just about to sit down for dinner when suddenly the temperature dropped. Dark massive figures appeared over the horizon. I peered around seeing if anybody had noticed.  Shivering cold I was so terrified I didn't know what to do. Mum yelled out everybody follow me, “hey mum where are we going are we going to be al right? Well we're just going underground where stay there just until this mist goes away. “Come on guys get in get in mum “said , I was the last one in “happy birthday they all said” as I got a fright and I was so surprised..........

                                            To Be Continue

Monday, April 8, 2013

Triathlon (Swim,Bike and run)

Jumping so high doing high jump so bored that I really wanted to get to the bikes. We had to wait until serenity and to slide four times. Go shouted Dan. Zooming across some of the girls I finally got to the bikes. Putting on my helmet before getting onto my bike. Now I’m just paddling as fast as I can trying to come first but then I thought it wasn’t a race at all.Hi I said to my friend as I ride past her. So I slowed down just chilling as I ride through the finish line.

I jumped of the bike and Left it where it was before. I felt a little bit exhausted but I still gave it my best. Sprinting around the field trying to get to the finish line. “Yey I shouted I made it but I didn’t come first I came third but i’m still proud of that. I suddenly drop on the floor and closed my eyes like I was still in bed.

Breathing in and out I stood back up. That was great as ,I said to laita as I walked back to sit where my class were. This time it was the boys turn. Cheering the boys as they ran, but all a sudden one of tryathlon man said that we were all going to get another try. I was so excited to have another try. I just never wanted to stop.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Things Disappearing

As the sun rose I started to get ready for school. Before I walked out the door
I went to hide my secret diary book. It had been a present from Nana 2 years ago and I wrote all my personal thoughts and feelings in it. I didn’t want anyone to read it.

With it safely locked away in my cupboard off I went down the road to the bus stop.
Finally I hopped into the bus and sat next to my best friend. “Hey what are
you doing after school? Grace asked.
“Nothing “I’m just gonna do homework I “said.
“Me too,” she replied. As we rode to I chatted to Grace. Before long we had arrived.
“See you later. Have a good day,” she yelled as she ran off to class.

After lunch I started worrying about my diary. I remembered that I had gone to lock it away but then Mum had told me to come and have breakfast. I think I left it out the shelf instead,

Straight after the bell rang I sprinted to hop in the bus to get home before someone
found that diary book.  

As soon I got home I rushed towards the door and flung it open. I went like a lightening zooming into the room.

“Oh no it’s gone!” I yelled.  I search’ around and around the house but I still couldn’t find
that diary book. “Where has that book run off to? I?”  I asked’ mum if she had seen
it but she “replied no. I asked everyone in the house but still the answer
of no. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry and upset. For days after that I couldn’t concentrate on my school work.

A week had past when suddenly when there was a knock at the door. Dad went to open it. When he walked back in he said, “We have a mail. It’s a book,”he said as he opened up the package “It’s a book.”  As soon as I heard the sound of book I sprinted
down the steps and into the kitchen what book I“ said’, “This one!” As he held it
up high I could see  on the book Secret Diary Book.
“That’s mine where did it come from? Dad looked to see if there was an address but there was nothing, So I just showed everyone so that I didn’t need to hide it from them.

A Terror House

Just as the clock stroke to mid-night,Tom and Ben decided to take the dog Sammie for a walk. Together, they took their first step out of the house, and suddenly a tremendous amount of wind had blown against them. “That’s powerful” yelled Ben as Sammie ran away. Further and further down the road Sammie ran, leaving his owners in the dust.

They both ran over hedges and under mud spots to capture their dog. They both thought that they had enough. Strength and corrige to dash to the house of terror, but they didn’t. Ben’s hand reached the rusty and moldy door knob.

Finally the dog was in site. Rough “rough barked” the dog as he enter the house of tera. Pigeions flew over his head giving a sign to not enter. Do you think he would listen? No he grabbed his dog ou.t of the tera house and as he grabbed his dog he tripped over and fell on a old tilty couch.

Ouch! He said out loud that the dog bark as well. They ran outside of the tear house and quickly walked back home before the dog runs away again.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Stormy Day

As my mum and I were going for a walk grey clouds appeared. The soaring
seagulls flew past my face “whooo” they squeaked. I stepped on the beach, “ouch” I yelled out as the strong wind whipped sand past my legs. “Hey mum come lets make a sand castle.” I grabbed a bucket and filled it with sand then dumped it on the beach. “Mum I think we need to decorate it now.”

I told mum “I’ll be back in a minute” I was just going to look for some leaves and sticks to decorate my castle. As I was picking up shells suddenly something bit me “aaaaah!” It started to bleed. I looked to see what bit me as I watched something crawl under the rocks.  I looked up and watched the waves pounding to the sand and noticed that I was shivering cold, I had goosebumps.

I thought to myself I think I’m taking too long. A thick fog had started to cover the beach. Speeding back before mum could come looking for me. When I got there I couldn’t find her. I looked and looked but still no mum. “Mum! Mum!” I yelled. “I think mum must be crying because she has lost me.”

Suddenly I heard a sound that sounded like her. I shouted ”Mum I’m here!” When I saw a woman  I ran up to her and hugged her. I knew she had been crying she had tears in her eyes. We decided it was time to head back home. Rain started pouring down luckily our house was close to the beach.

It really was a terrible adventure looking for mum. I never want that to happen again.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Hope @ Pt England School: Hope's Blog Blurb

Hope @ Pt England School: Hope's Blog Blurb: Hi my name is Hope and i'm a samoan a Yr 7 student in room 20 , I have two brothers and four sisters.My hobbies include Rugby ,Netball and S...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Parakai Pools

Have you been to Parakai pools? Well I have been there before. It"s crazy fun I couldn't stop going on the slide, but it's so tiring going up and down. Puffing and huffing running up to the slide before my friend get to me aaaaahhh! There were two type of slides one was short and the other was long. I always like going on the long one because it's just better.

That was enough for the slide. I fast walk to the big pool, as I jump in I closed my eyes. It's cold I screamed while I was swimming I got a little bit warmer. I wanted to get changed because it was so freezing. it was time to eat mmmm delicious.
I had chicken, sausage, patty, and an bread. What a great sunny steaming day it was, time to go home now.

I Am.....