Monday, June 30, 2014


Aussie Football League -
9:40am struck and off we went to A.F.L. As I stepped into the hall something caught my attention and my eyes looked straight away at the balls that were layered on the ground. That told me that we were going have a lot of fun.

We started with a little warm up, by playing Rats and Rabbits. I was partners with Quasia, she was a rat and I was a rabbit. When a caller calls “Rabbit!” the rabbits have to run to their home straight ahead before the rats catch them.

First we went over some of the skills we had learnt with Tim in previous weeks.  My favorite skill was doing the ruck. The ruck is how the game starts its similar to the start of basketball. To practice the ruck we first got into threes. Two had to challenge and stand beside each other ready to jump up for the ball when the third person threw it. The aim was to tap the ball onto their side.

Lastly we ended with a game. To play the game we had to get in teams. Our team was called rabbits we had to dodge and get away from the taggers. I sprinted to the other side of the hall before the taggers got me. I leap as the ball went under my leg. “Phew”! I said. I zigzag through the other teams. But luckily I never got out.

We finished A.F.L by gathering together. “Thank you” Tim class 4 said!

Peter Jackson - Weekly Aticle

Peter Jackson is a new New Zealand producer, director and screenwriter. He has directed and produced a movie name Lord Of The Rings. Jackson has direct and produce a lot of movies, like The frightener, King Kong , forgotten silver , Heavenly Creatures and The Lovely Bones. That is a lot all right! His career started by directing splat sticks.

Peter Jackson’s hobbies are collecting vintage and wall planes, he also has a aeroplane museum. His museum for the aircraft is in Nelson.

Peter Jackson Restored Gallipoli Footage It is July 22, 1915, and we are in a trench at Quinn's Post, the most dangerous spot on Gallipoli.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Irene Van Dyk

Irene Van Dyk is a South African-born New Zealand netball player. She is one of a good shooter in the Silver Ferns. Irene is known as the world’s best netballer and the most capped international player of all time. Her position is GS it stands for Goal Shooter. GS is a person that stays in the circle and shoots most of the goals in.

She was the 2003 New Zealand sportswoman of year, and a nominee again 2005.
She represented New Zealand for 14 years before retiring on June 2014. She plays for silver ferns and the pulse team. Also plays with the waikato/bay of plenty Magic since 2003-2013.

In her lifetime she is a teacher, works for both primary and intermediate. She has one daughter named Bianca with her husband Christie. She supports the life thon fundraising for the Christian music radio network life FM.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Effective Writing

I shivered as the wind buffeted me while I stepped out the door. The grass was covered in ice and my fingers were freezing cold. Goosebumps appeared on my body and my lips turned purple. “How would this day get worse”? I couldn’t barely feel my feet. Time was running out and I was going to be late.

Gangnam Style (Weekly Quiz)

Gangnam style is a Korean song written by a amazing song write named PSY. But did you know that his real name is actually Parke Jae-Sang. And his song I mentioned earlier Gangnam Style was one of a big world's hit on the music history.

Gangnam style for me is a song the is catchy and really makes you get up and that. It makes you feel alive. But can you do the Gangnam Style leave me some feedback and let me know!