Monday, May 14, 2012

First day of swimming

Wow! It is our first day of swimming. As I was walking down the path I could hear the wind blowing our plastic bag. When we got there I could smell the chlorine. Jogging slowly we nearly slipped on the slippery surface.

Quickly we took of our uniform and walked to have a quick shower. Then it was time to test our swimming so that which pool team do we go to.
Me and grace went first we were so excited. We swam meander down to the other end of the pool so when we got there we took a sizable breath.

Tiredly we swam back and then it was time for me and grace to know which team are we. Ben “said’ you are both in team three so we jump out of the pool. We were so jubilant and off we went to the big pool. Along the side we sat on the wall waiting for our instructor to come. Then we had many rounds of swimming freestyle, backstroke and rocket arms.

Sadly we all had jump out and change into our dried uniform. While we were waiting we put on our shoes and got ready to walk back to school. Very quickly we lined up and walked outside. When we got there it was already lunchtime. I was so glad because we are going to the pool the next day.           


  1. Nice work Hope. I think it is brilliant that you have made such a big effort to have a variety of sentence beginnings and that you have used such interesting words like jubilant.

    Please be careful when using speech marks. They should only be used around the words you have spoken.

  2. Hi Hope,

    I don't really like swimming.
    What group are you in?
    I was in group 3.
    Was it hard?
    Our swimming is finished so are you too.


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