Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock Art

Happily Rm 15 went outside to paint an artwork just like Jackson Pollock’s art. We grabbed  a piece of huge cardboard and a piece of A3 paper. I sellotaped my A3 paper to my cardboard. Quickly we ran outside and started to flick. As I was flicking on my paint I could already feel paint on me!

I used multiple colours for my painting like blue, yellow, black, white, pink and different other colours. It felt icky but it was still fun. Messily my hands were covered with paint.
Sadly I got paint on my uniform.

Jackson Pollock was a frenchman who lived in America. I think he was from New york. He also smoked and drank a lot. He has a wife and her name is Lee Krasner. Sadly he died when he was 44 year old.   

Monday, May 14, 2012

First day of swimming

Wow! It is our first day of swimming. As I was walking down the path I could hear the wind blowing our plastic bag. When we got there I could smell the chlorine. Jogging slowly we nearly slipped on the slippery surface.

Quickly we took of our uniform and walked to have a quick shower. Then it was time to test our swimming so that which pool team do we go to.
Me and grace went first we were so excited. We swam meander down to the other end of the pool so when we got there we took a sizable breath.

Tiredly we swam back and then it was time for me and grace to know which team are we. Ben “said’ you are both in team three so we jump out of the pool. We were so jubilant and off we went to the big pool. Along the side we sat on the wall waiting for our instructor to come. Then we had many rounds of swimming freestyle, backstroke and rocket arms.

Sadly we all had jump out and change into our dried uniform. While we were waiting we put on our shoes and got ready to walk back to school. Very quickly we lined up and walked outside. When we got there it was already lunchtime. I was so glad because we are going to the pool the next day.           

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rippa Rugby girls at Enden park

On Friday the 27th of April the rippa rugby girl went to Eden park. As we were on our way Ms Vaafusuaga played some songs and we sang along with it. Then as we got out of the van we race down under the trees before it started to rain again. As soon as Ms Vaafusuaga ran to get the tickets. Gracefully we got in and went to see inside of it. In a rush we went to line up so that we could go first. When we went through the gates I was really amazed how cool it looked. As well it was my first time there.

Then it was time to go on the field. We put on our tags and hurtled on. I was the captain and grace was the vice captain. First we play rock paper scissors. The alarm started and off we played. Fast as we went to tag there tags off. It was half so we ran of. Then we changed players and then ran quickly on to the field. It was our last chance to beat them so we tried and tried. I “said’ to my team it doesn’t matter unless we had fun.

Then it was time for prize giving. We sat in to lines and wait for our school name to be called. There they “said’ I was shock. I walked up so happy and hold the trophy. They happily cheered and clapped. Then we went to get changed into our warm clothes. We wait for the Blues games to started. But then the bad weather started. Many of these people were standing with these words at the back of them and it “said ask me and we went to ask them for a flag and they gave us some. The game started and boomed the fire boomed past and there the blues came out. But terrifying  thing is that we had to go at half time                           
Year 5&6 Girls Rippa Rugby @ Eden Park from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.