Monday, February 11, 2013

Hope @ Pt England School: Hope's Blog Blurb

Hope @ Pt England School: Hope's Blog Blurb: Hi my name is Hope and i'm a samoan a Yr 7 student in room 20 , I have two brothers and four sisters.My hobbies include Rugby ,Netball and S...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Parakai Pools

Have you been to Parakai pools? Well I have been there before. It"s crazy fun I couldn't stop going on the slide, but it's so tiring going up and down. Puffing and huffing running up to the slide before my friend get to me aaaaahhh! There were two type of slides one was short and the other was long. I always like going on the long one because it's just better.

That was enough for the slide. I fast walk to the big pool, as I jump in I closed my eyes. It's cold I screamed while I was swimming I got a little bit warmer. I wanted to get changed because it was so freezing. it was time to eat mmmm delicious.
I had chicken, sausage, patty, and an bread. What a great sunny steaming day it was, time to go home now.

I Am.....