Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going to the shops

Marine went to the shop with her sister. They only had five dollars. They walked into the shop and choose a lollie and went to the counter. That will be a dollar thank you. Marine  check in her pocket out of her pocket.

So they looked and looked again until they found it.. A man came in the shop to buy him anchor milk. Marine and her sister asked ‘’the man have you seen a five dollar note? He ‘said ‘no.

When the old man walked outside of the shop with his anchor milk he stepped on a paper. So he pick it up and it’’ said ‘a 5 dollar note. He ran back to the shop to give it to Marine The old man said ‘’is this it he said ‘’Yes. They buy there lollies it was green bubblegum. Mmm! Yummy.

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  1. Hi Hope,

    You have really got a good writing on there. But the thing you have to work on is you need to stop repeating the word over and over again.


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