Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Things Disappearing

As the sun rose I started to get ready for school. Before I walked out the door
I went to hide my secret diary book. It had been a present from Nana 2 years ago and I wrote all my personal thoughts and feelings in it. I didn’t want anyone to read it.

With it safely locked away in my cupboard off I went down the road to the bus stop.
Finally I hopped into the bus and sat next to my best friend. “Hey what are
you doing after school? Grace asked.
“Nothing “I’m just gonna do homework I “said.
“Me too,” she replied. As we rode to I chatted to Grace. Before long we had arrived.
“See you later. Have a good day,” she yelled as she ran off to class.

After lunch I started worrying about my diary. I remembered that I had gone to lock it away but then Mum had told me to come and have breakfast. I think I left it out the shelf instead,

Straight after the bell rang I sprinted to hop in the bus to get home before someone
found that diary book.  

As soon I got home I rushed towards the door and flung it open. I went like a lightening zooming into the room.

“Oh no it’s gone!” I yelled.  I search’ around and around the house but I still couldn’t find
that diary book. “Where has that book run off to? I?”  I asked’ mum if she had seen
it but she “replied no. I asked everyone in the house but still the answer
of no. I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry and upset. For days after that I couldn’t concentrate on my school work.

A week had past when suddenly when there was a knock at the door. Dad went to open it. When he walked back in he said, “We have a mail. It’s a book,”he said as he opened up the package “It’s a book.”  As soon as I heard the sound of book I sprinted
down the steps and into the kitchen what book I“ said’, “This one!” As he held it
up high I could see  on the book Secret Diary Book.
“That’s mine where did it come from? Dad looked to see if there was an address but there was nothing, So I just showed everyone so that I didn’t need to hide it from them.

A Terror House

Just as the clock stroke to mid-night,Tom and Ben decided to take the dog Sammie for a walk. Together, they took their first step out of the house, and suddenly a tremendous amount of wind had blown against them. “That’s powerful” yelled Ben as Sammie ran away. Further and further down the road Sammie ran, leaving his owners in the dust.

They both ran over hedges and under mud spots to capture their dog. They both thought that they had enough. Strength and corrige to dash to the house of terror, but they didn’t. Ben’s hand reached the rusty and moldy door knob.

Finally the dog was in site. Rough “rough barked” the dog as he enter the house of tera. Pigeions flew over his head giving a sign to not enter. Do you think he would listen? No he grabbed his dog ou.t of the tera house and as he grabbed his dog he tripped over and fell on a old tilty couch.

Ouch! He said out loud that the dog bark as well. They ran outside of the tear house and quickly walked back home before the dog runs away again.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Stormy Day

As my mum and I were going for a walk grey clouds appeared. The soaring
seagulls flew past my face “whooo” they squeaked. I stepped on the beach, “ouch” I yelled out as the strong wind whipped sand past my legs. “Hey mum come lets make a sand castle.” I grabbed a bucket and filled it with sand then dumped it on the beach. “Mum I think we need to decorate it now.”

I told mum “I’ll be back in a minute” I was just going to look for some leaves and sticks to decorate my castle. As I was picking up shells suddenly something bit me “aaaaah!” It started to bleed. I looked to see what bit me as I watched something crawl under the rocks.  I looked up and watched the waves pounding to the sand and noticed that I was shivering cold, I had goosebumps.

I thought to myself I think I’m taking too long. A thick fog had started to cover the beach. Speeding back before mum could come looking for me. When I got there I couldn’t find her. I looked and looked but still no mum. “Mum! Mum!” I yelled. “I think mum must be crying because she has lost me.”

Suddenly I heard a sound that sounded like her. I shouted ”Mum I’m here!” When I saw a woman  I ran up to her and hugged her. I knew she had been crying she had tears in her eyes. We decided it was time to head back home. Rain started pouring down luckily our house was close to the beach.

It really was a terrible adventure looking for mum. I never want that to happen again.