Monday, December 1, 2014

Future Aspiration

A surprising message had said to us that some visitors were traveling to our school to talk about there FUTURE ASPIRATION. When they arrived we met some friends that we have already met and some we haven't apparently. A man called Andrew Pattison came to help youth and young people to achieve there future.

Our first speaker that Andrew Pattison introduced was Anthony Samuels, which we call Mr Samuels. Anthony told us about keys to unlock the phrases. No matter what never push your dreams back keep holding on your dreams. One of his phrases said (your past does not have to determine your future), which means just because you do something bad one day doesn’t mean you have to be bad the next day, also he told us a meaning in maori. To miharo hoki which means you are awesome or amazing, never forget that.

The second speaker was a man called Paula. He told us how he nearly died by swimming in a competition. Well first he started swimming at school and he was the best in the school so he got chosen to compete in a competition where other people would be competing as well. Since he’s tall he said that if he gets tired he can stand on his feet and walk. When the sound of the clappers clapped off he went, half ways is always were thy slow down and wear he lets his legs walk for him. But apparently when he went to touch the ground he realize that the pool was deep. Then all of a sudden they couldn't see him. He passed out, the raced stopped and the life guard jump in the pool and pulled him out off the pool. He couldn't breath, so he lifeguard push into his chest until he started coughing that was a sign he’s okay. It was so frightening for his mother seeing him there, also it was embarrassing for him because his friends were laughing at him. So that day he stopped swimming. But later on he became a organisation attitude.

Now go and find your dream, succeed it, strive to it and hold on to it. Remember champions never give up. Keep this in your head, To miharo hoki (“you are awesome”), no matter what believe, believe, and make it real. It will never happen if you don’t believe “Go Hard”! One more thing don’t let your past determine your future.

Good Friend - Example Writing

Do you have a friend that is always there for you from when you’ve met till now? Well I have so many of them. Good friends are a special thing to me because they will never leave you behind. She or he will always be by your side even though you’ve had up’s and down’s.

You always should have a good friend. Why, because they can stand up for you when people are putting you down. Good friends can keep your biggest secret. They can understand how you feel and encourage you to keep striving to succeed. You need a friend to help you when you ever get stuck on things, like if you get frustrated she/he can calm you down. Its always good to have a good friend.

A good friend can be not like you, you might not have the same personality, style or culture. It doesn’t really matter about that. It’s how you stay together as friends and do everything as a team. Your friend can get disappointed and annoyed at you but it always work out when you apologies.

You always got to be a good friend. To keep your relationship with your friend you got to have a good attitude. If you can be a good friend then you’ll both can be happy.

Make sure you always have a good friend. You always need some back up. Friends are special because you’ll never get another like her/him. A right friend is hard to find but when you find one never let her/him go. If you can be a good friend please show it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 7 - Article About Dead Boy In America

A 12 year old boy died on Sunday 23th of November, in Ohio Park,  shot dead caused of carrying a fake gun. Police thought he was carrying a pellet gun so he shot him in the stomach about two times. His names called Tamir Rice, people near the park were scared by him, they saw him playing with his gun in the park. So they rang the police then laters that day he died because he was shot by the police.

Families of Tamir Rice cried in tears hearing his child died by a shooting in Ohio Park. There heart were torn apart of there beloved child Tamir Rice. Since that happen they have called for a new law that all BB guns, airriifle and airsoft sold to be brightly marked to show its fake or not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hope - Rip Writing

Have you ever been caught in a rip when swimming at a surf beach?
It can be dangerous and frightening. Well

I’m here to tell you how to identify a rip, how to avoid one and what to do if you are caught in a rip.

A rip is found in surf beaches. The water comes into shore in waves but it has a way to go back out. This water flowing back out to sea is called a rip.

Normally, there are warnings at the beaches with high rip rate so make sure to look out for those when swimming at an unknown beach. Beaches with high rip rates are highly recommended to stay away from for safety. So if you follow my tips you have a better chance of surviving.

You can identify a rip by the colour of the ocean. When the sand is black the oceans gets darker, when the sand is white the sea get lighter. Another way to identify a rip is how the ocean looks, if the sea is calm and the water are ripples.

If you are caught in a rip instead of panicking stay calm, that will keep you away from drowning and you will get tired. First, see if you can touch the ground, then put your hand in the air. Don’t wave your hand because it will look like you are waving to someone. Try swimming to the sides. When you are there the waves can push you into shore.

Take these tips and use them when there is a problem in the sea. These tips will help you survive from a rip. Remember when you are in trouble in the sea always, always KEEP CALM.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Art Attack" Writing

"Art Attack” everyone shouted. It was our Immersion Assembly and Art Attack was the topic for this term. Each Team had to put on a performance that had something to do with the Topic.The music started as Team 5 walked upon the stage. They were all in white with painting brush, one of them was wearing a Beret (French Hat). I was so interested in Team 5’s performance because I was amazed from it.

Each teacher in team 5 surrounded the drawing board but I couldn’t see a thing they were drawing. My eyes were waiting anxiously to see it. It took minutes and minutes but at the end we didn't have a clue who it was or what it was. Suddenly the teachers realised it was upside down so they turned the painting right side up.  Wow’’ everyone said, my eyes were blown away. It came out great. The 3 paintings were portraits. Mr Jacobson was shown on the left.  The second painting was Mrs Jarman and last but not least Mr Burt. My hands couldn’t wait till we start this Term, painting, drawing and sketching.

Mr Jacobson and Mrs Tele’a talked about Art from the islands and painting with big and small paintbrushes. Now we are back and we are ready to learn. I like Immersion Assembly and I am going to miss them when I go off to college next year.


Made By Class 4 Girls ( Mele, Ane, Ana, Annliz )

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tchouckball - Research Game

The game Tchoukball is from Switzerand and it was created by Hermann Brandt in 1970. The game was created because Hermann thought that sports should not just be used to form champions but to just be creative and create a more humane society. Hermann is also an artist and now lives in Canada.

It is still played today, there is a main competition called World Tchoukball Championship. Tchoukball is popular in some countries but not so much in others. There are many competitions for Tchoukball. Though the game was created in Switzerland, there are competitions all over the world.  There is the European World Cup, Asian World Cup, South American World Cup and the Tchoukball World Cup Championship.

Each team is allowed to score on both sides of the field. In the game you are allowed to have 12 players on each team, of which seven may be on the court at any one time. To score a point you have to be an attacking player and it has to bounce off the frame, (The frame is similar to a trampoline) and land outside the D without getting caught by the defence team. Believe it or not, defenders are not allowed to intercept any passes from the attack team. You are only allowed to take three steps and you are not allowed to make more than three passes before you shoot at the frame.

Why Can't We Be Friend BY the girls in class 4 - Ana, Annliz, Ane, Hope, SIsilia, and Mele

Why Can't We Be Friends - MTV from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This week the girls in this movie were up to date with all their work, so they got the whole week to make a mtv movie about anything. But the movie has to be telling a positive message. This is what we came up with.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Hope's Article - Week 8

Tennis is a game that most people play. Like Serena Williams, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. It was first invented in 1873, by an Englishman, Major Walter C. It was first played at a garden party in Wales. Tennis has been played in the Olympics. The game Tennis can be played individually against a single opponents. Each players uses a racquet. A Tennis court is the place where the sport tennis is played. It’s similar to a Netball court. To play Tennis you need a lot of strength, to swing the racquet towards the incoming ball, and to return it back to the opponents without bouncing in it’s square.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My article about the Hawkes Bay Rugby Union Team

This year Hawkes Bay Rugby Team has won the 2014 SHIELD in Pukekohe against the Counties Manukau. Unfortunately the Counties Manukau couldn’t reach another score at the last minute of the game, (21-27). It was a close game with a crowded stadium. Hawkes Bay Magpies plays in the ITM cup games. They play their home matches at Mclean Park Napier. They have a lot of supporters. There full name is Hawkes Bay Rugby Union, and their nickname is the Magpies. The coaches name is called Craig Philpott. This is a little imformation about the Hawkes Bay Rugby Union Team 2014. Hope You Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rimu's Storie - Hope

Shuffling and turning, Rimu woke up from a sound. His eyes peered slowly as he pulled his blanket back up to keep him warm for the night. After a while that same sound came back. After a while Rimu heard that same strange sound. His eyes opened wide this time. Rimu stretched out his hands as the sound became louder. It was early morning and a bright sunny day. A shadow leant forward into my way, Rimu didn't know what to do. He slowly walked to the window. ?????

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sarah Potts - Article Week 6

Sarah Potts was an actor on Shortland Street but unfortunately she died, but not really her character died. She calls herself Amanda Billing. Sarah appeared on Shortland Street at the year of 2004, 14 September, until 2014 20th of August. She was brought into the movie by Harriet Crampton. She was in love with a man named TK Samuels and they both acted in the movie. They have a baby name Tilly.

Her death in the movie (Shortland Street) was cause by a bad disease, but it was a way for her to retire because she was sick. Sarah has won and been nominated for multiple awards. As well including a New Zealand Award as “Best Actress”.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ki-O-Rahi is a traditional Maori game that is popular all over New Zealand and is also known in other countries, mainly Europe, France. The game was created in The Legend of Rahi and Patupaiarehe where Rahi’s wife, Patupaiarehe was abducted and taken far away. Rahi had to find her and when he did, Rahi’s tribe and the tribe that abducted Patupaiarehe created Ki-O-Rahi to play instead of going to war.  The game is still going and there are tournaments for adults and children.

There are seven players on each team. There are two types of Ki-O-Rahi, there is the tackle and the non-tackle. Professional adults play tackle in competitions but normally children just play non-tackle with tags. The game is played on a circular field with no outs, the purpose of the game is to hit the te tupu and to defend it by blocking the other team from hitting it with the ball. There are no positions, but there are rules, no more than five people can enter the circle around the te tupu.

If you didn’t know, there is a legend behind this game, it is a story from back in the olden days. The words used in Ki-O Rahi are connected to the story. The story is about Patupairehe stealing Rahi’s wife Tiarakurapakiwai, then Rahi trys to save her. As soon as Rahi rescued his wife, they decided to make peace and they made up the game Ki-O-Rahi. Pou represents the 7 stars of Matariki. Te Tupu represents the rock where Rahi was trapped, Ara represents the pathway of silver ferns.

Hope - Kahurangi writing

The room was silent with anticipation as the lady walked out and began greeting us with a story about the Maori beginning of the world. When she finished her last words the group walked into the hall and performed a song. As soon as the man strum the guitar the ladies sang. My eyes opened wide, I was so amazed it was a great harmony and a awesome some.

With many more songs to come I was so pleased. Three boys would have to go up and copy what the man did. As soon as the man finish off the last moves the three boys would have to copy what he had done. Mr Goodwin, Auri Kamo and Korebeau repeated his moves. I could see they tried there best especially Mr Goodwin, he was going crazy with the maori stick.

Finally they finished with a blast. They sang the song with there hearts and performed showing there true culture. After there beautiful song we asked question about how they grew up into this dance group. They said ”goodbye”. I stretched with a smile on my face it was AWESOME.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Robin Williams - Article

Robin William was born on the 21th of July 1951. He is an American actress, comedian, and such more. William has one daughter and two son, they are named Zelda Rae Williams, Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym Williams.

But sadly his family had to say goodbye to him. He died on the 11th august 2014 bye hanging himself. It broke most peoples heart and brang tears to there eyes. This was a sad moment for his family and friends.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Possum Poles - Maths


a) Click Here to view the tables
b) Tables
c) Tables


a) Tables
b) Priya

c) 7 minutes. He will get to 20m at 7min because Priya climbs another 7m and

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ki-o-rahi - Hope's Writing

The whistle blew and the players moved, defending and scoring points by hitting Te Tupu. The player leapt into the air and powerfully threw the ball aiming at Te Tupu, “SCORE”. The player, with a burst of speed, sped round te Pawero (the outer circle) . He dodged the defenders and clutched the ball. His legs sprinted and leapt in the air targeting Te Tupu, but unfortunately it was blocked by his opponents.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Usain Bolt - Article

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is one of the world’s fastest men. He also is the first man to hold the the world record for the 100m. He has played in the commonwealth games and has won many gold medals for his country, Jamaica. Jamaica has competed in the 4x100m race, and came first place. Usain Bolt was one of the competitors in the 4x100m race.

He competed in the sprint race. Bolt was the first to achieve a Double” Double” by winning 100m and 200m. Usain St. Leo Bolt is his full name. He started sprinting in Primary and went on from there to where he is now. The 27 year old is brother to Sadiki and Sherine Bolt. When he was younger, his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt owned the local grocery store. He has won 16 gold and 3 silver.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Diving - Writing

As the diver balanced, her body was taut. The audience waited in anticipation for her dive. She magnificently left the diving board with a perfect entry. As she somersaulted through the air, she timed it with precision making her way into the water. The diver entered the water confidently and ended it with a minimal splash.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hope and Ana - Maths Algebra


a. How many sticks were needed to build the 5 fish patterns?  
b. How many sticks would you need to build 20 fish patterns? (See if you can work out how many without making the pattern)  
c. Explain how you worked this out.  
1 fish = 6 Sticks so 6 x 20 = 120 + the 2 sticks from the first fish tail.
d. In a spreadsheet create a table that shows how many sticks are needed for up to 20 fish.
e. How many sticks would there be in 42 fish?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stan Walker - Weekly Quiz Article

Stan Walker is a Australia - New Zealand recording artist, actor and also a famous television personality. In 2009, Stan Walker was a winner of the Australian Idol. He later than signed a contract with the Sony Music Australia.

In the first season Stan Walker became a judge for x factor in 2013. Walker grew up in Melbourne Australia. He toured around the world and also met Beyonce. During his career he won five New Zealand Music Awards.

In 2010, Stan revealed another album. One of my favourite songs would have to be Black Box and Homesick.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hope's Instrument - Instruction

Instrument: Guitar

1. you need a shoe box or box
2. strings
3. pencil for the holes
4. wrapping tube
5. masking Tape

Now cut a hole in the middle of your Shoe box/tissue box. Then cut another hole on the sides for the wrapping tube. Push the wrapping tube through the 2 holes at the side of the box. Then tape the wrapping tube to stable it to the box. Thread six strings across the whole of the box. Use a pencil or a sharp knife to make hole for the string. The strings should be a little bit loose to make some sounds. Attach a strap to your guitar and you are ready to rock!

Hope Explanation - Instrument

When you strum a string of the guitar the string will vibrate and the molecules will move back and forth then it travels to your eardrums and then the electrical signal will go into your brain.

If you drop a stone into the pond the water will move out as the stone drops into the pond. The pond will lift higher than it was before. Like as if you fill a bowl with water and then leave you hand were the height is then put a cup into it and then you’ll see how higher it will be.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Aussie Football League -
9:40am struck and off we went to A.F.L. As I stepped into the hall something caught my attention and my eyes looked straight away at the balls that were layered on the ground. That told me that we were going have a lot of fun.

We started with a little warm up, by playing Rats and Rabbits. I was partners with Quasia, she was a rat and I was a rabbit. When a caller calls “Rabbit!” the rabbits have to run to their home straight ahead before the rats catch them.

First we went over some of the skills we had learnt with Tim in previous weeks.  My favorite skill was doing the ruck. The ruck is how the game starts its similar to the start of basketball. To practice the ruck we first got into threes. Two had to challenge and stand beside each other ready to jump up for the ball when the third person threw it. The aim was to tap the ball onto their side.

Lastly we ended with a game. To play the game we had to get in teams. Our team was called rabbits we had to dodge and get away from the taggers. I sprinted to the other side of the hall before the taggers got me. I leap as the ball went under my leg. “Phew”! I said. I zigzag through the other teams. But luckily I never got out.

We finished A.F.L by gathering together. “Thank you” Tim class 4 said!

Peter Jackson - Weekly Aticle

Peter Jackson is a new New Zealand producer, director and screenwriter. He has directed and produced a movie name Lord Of The Rings. Jackson has direct and produce a lot of movies, like The frightener, King Kong , forgotten silver , Heavenly Creatures and The Lovely Bones. That is a lot all right! His career started by directing splat sticks.

Peter Jackson’s hobbies are collecting vintage and wall planes, he also has a aeroplane museum. His museum for the aircraft is in Nelson.

Peter Jackson Restored Gallipoli Footage It is July 22, 1915, and we are in a trench at Quinn's Post, the most dangerous spot on Gallipoli.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Irene Van Dyk

Irene Van Dyk is a South African-born New Zealand netball player. She is one of a good shooter in the Silver Ferns. Irene is known as the world’s best netballer and the most capped international player of all time. Her position is GS it stands for Goal Shooter. GS is a person that stays in the circle and shoots most of the goals in.

She was the 2003 New Zealand sportswoman of year, and a nominee again 2005.
She represented New Zealand for 14 years before retiring on June 2014. She plays for silver ferns and the pulse team. Also plays with the waikato/bay of plenty Magic since 2003-2013.

In her lifetime she is a teacher, works for both primary and intermediate. She has one daughter named Bianca with her husband Christie. She supports the life thon fundraising for the Christian music radio network life FM.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Effective Writing

I shivered as the wind buffeted me while I stepped out the door. The grass was covered in ice and my fingers were freezing cold. Goosebumps appeared on my body and my lips turned purple. “How would this day get worse”? I couldn’t barely feel my feet. Time was running out and I was going to be late.

Gangnam Style (Weekly Quiz)

Gangnam style is a Korean song written by a amazing song write named PSY. But did you know that his real name is actually Parke Jae-Sang. And his song I mentioned earlier Gangnam Style was one of a big world's hit on the music history.

Gangnam style for me is a song the is catchy and really makes you get up and that. It makes you feel alive. But can you do the Gangnam Style leave me some feedback and let me know!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson grew up in America and loved Music, he was called King Of Pop. Michael Joseph Jackson was a songwriter, Actor, Musician , Dancer, businessman  and philanthropist. (Philanthropist means a rich guy that gives money away to worthy causes). He was the eighth child of the Jackson Family, born on August 29 in 1958.

On his first moment on the stage was with his brothers as a member of the jackson 5 in 1968, and began his solo career in 1971. During his career in 1980 his music was popular. I love his songs, especially ABC! Some of his other popular music was Beat it, Billie Jean and thriller.

Michael could not only sing , he was a brilliant dancer as well! I use to always watch and sing along to his amazing and talented songs and infact, I still do.  He was a good man, a good man.

Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50. He died from a Cardiac arrest. For those who don’t know, he died from a hard attack. It was hard on his family because it was a sudden death.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Steven Adams

Stevenson Adams is an awesome player. He was raised up in Rotorua, New Zealand and born on the 28th of July 1993. His siblings are Valerie Adams and Warren Adams.He is now at the age of 20. One of his favourite games is Basketball. He played it when he was in college and grew up playing in a professional team (Oklahoma City Thunder).

On July 12, 2013, Adams signed with the Thunders. Later that month he help the Thunders become the first ever champions of the Orlando summer league. He succeed in his team and continue on playing it. His positions was a centre.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hope, Mya and Javana Movies


How does echolocation work?
Echolocation is used by animals such as bats,dolphins and whales to navigate and locate prey. When they make high pitched noises the sound reflects when it hits a nearby object. It bounces off the object and into the animals sensitive ears. This tells the animals were the prey is.

Ben is a boy that uses Echolocation to navigate himself to places. He makes noises with his mouth, and when he makes sounds with his mouth it will reflect back to him so he will know what is heading to him. It’s just as what bats do. They make a sound and then it will reflect back to it. Then it can tell what is near and how big it is.

Bat are as the same as what marine animals do. But marine mammals use echolocation to transport in their places while using a high pitch sound to find their prey.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quiz Aticle Term 2

Breaking News! I have heard in Africa 234 girls were taken by kidnappers. That is so shocking news, isn't it? Nearly a million women's marching in the Nigerian Capital with signs that says Bring Our Girls Back. Mothers of the girls were so full with tears, disappointed and so so upset. Girls were taken from a high school by kidnappers.

Nothing has brought the girls back. They have not rescued any girls yet. The girls were at the age of 16-18. Parents and other town have joined together to search for their girls. People from other country like USA have also joined to support and search for the girls.   

It’s been about a month now that the Nigerian girls have been kidnapped by the local terrorist group, and families are starting to loose hope. The terrorist are wanting some of their group released from prison.

The girls have been getting support from all around the world. Governments from all around the world have been calling for the girls release. Hopefully the parents will get their girls back soon and everything will come out fine.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

It's the first day of term two and everyone is back safe with there uniforms on. Everyone just waiting to experience about this term. In every term our teachers does a bit of a show to show us what we are going to learn this term. Our teachers dressed in some funky clothing. As we could see our team five teachers dressed in musical clothes, they had stuff that make sounds and beats. We could see helium balloons. The helium balloons made me realise that our topic was to be about experiencing on stuff.

Our topic this term is about science. We started assembly and we began on an experience on a taxi cars lifted by helium balloons. How many balloons do you think it would lift a tiny taxi New York car?  Well it was sixteen balloons to lift a small toy car. My eyes shine as the balloons went hire into the sealing. This term was going to be some experiment term i thought to my. Our teacher performed there show and showed us what really is our topic.Team one was about the Zoo. The showed us different animals. Secondly it was team two and they presented a show of different planes and how the work. How do you work a plane?  It got more interesting as we went through each group. But my favourite was team 5 because it was musical and the teachers were dress up with funky clothes. It was pretty funny seeing them in different clothes. They also had different instruments that made strange sounds. Finally we had finished everything  and departed back to our class rooms.

I cant wait for more and more experience this term.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lorde- Article

Lorde is a 16 year old student at Takapuna Grammar College. She is a New Zealand singer/songwriter. Lorde released her first album, The Love Club, Online in December 2012, winning millions of fans.

Surprisingly Lorde hit the top 40 billboard (Royals), and also reached number one on the Billboard hot 100 in 2013, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States. She jointly won the 2013 Silver Scroll award.

Her other name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. Lorde performed difference singing and and drama classes when she was a child, at the age of thirteen she was sighed with Universal. She has a a older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister. When she was the age of 5 she followed a dream with her friend discovering that they love singing and acting.

Lorde was in a school called Belmont Intermediate School, and attended in the schools talent show. After seeing her performance at the talent show, McDonald’s father sent out recordings of Lorde covering Duffy’s hit song.

Maths Educreations

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Empathy Movie

Fiafia Night 2014

As I walked into a crowd of people I could smell delicious food.  Well it was coming from our amazing food stalls. This night was a special night for our kiwi kids at Pt England School. We’ve had this every second year. Fiafia?, Hmm if you don’t know what that is well let me explain it to you. 
Fia Fia is a night where we perform items. We get put into groups and we’ve been practising every week till this day Wednesday 9th of April. It’s a time when our children also show their true cultures and celebrate.

My group was a majestic team, Hip Hop. Our team has worked hard to impress our family. We danced so hard that I think that we were outstanding. 

My favourite performance though was the Samoan group because they just stood on the stage and showed everyone there magnificent country Samoa. If you were there who did you think was that best and maybe why?

The night had gone so fast and already it was up to our last performance, the Cook Island drummers. The Cook Island group was a so loud that it got me moving to the beat. Then the boys headed onto the stage dancing and showing their culture, girls did the hula onto the stage. It was outstanding.

I felt so tired after we finished our fiafia so we head out to out changing room and waited for our parents. "That was a great night," I said to my mum after she’d pick me up. "Bye." I said to Miss King as I head out with my Family

Monday, April 7, 2014

About Joseph Parker

Joseph Parker is a sportsman from new Zealand. He is one of the best boxer in New Zealand. He lived in southern Auckland. Joseph was born in 1992 the 9th January, Apia Samoa. Joseph’s nickname is Explosive Joseph, his total fights is 7 and he won all seven of them, he got 6 win by knock out and no losses. His nationality is Samoa. Joseph is the elders in the parkers brothers.

Joseph took up boxing when he was eleven and trains at a gym in Papatoe. He went to a school named Marcellin college near royal oak. Parker competed in the heavy super weight category at the 2010 commonwealth game. His first game was 14-7, he won that game. He just needed to win the second game and the quarter final but he lost to Tariq Abdul Haqq. The fight was tied 7-7 but the judges however gave Tariq Abdul Haqq the win. He turned professional in May.

Parker is rated as a super heavyweight (Amateur). He defeated Francois Botha ‘the white buffalo’ 13th of june 2013 by the 2nd round knock out. He had 36 wins, 13 losses , and 2 draws. He is set to take place in the heavyweight world title bout in Germany on the 26th of April 2014.

Friday, April 4, 2014

P.E at Tamaki College

I introduced my name, My name is Hope”. After saying our names we played a game that we had to get into partners, I was number 2 and my partner was number 1, so number one will be chasing after number two but first number 1 has to spin 3 times” our leader said. I quickly hide behind my friends back so that my partner couldn’t find me. I could tell that he was dizzy because he couldn't find me and he was wriggling around trying  to land on his balance.

I look to the left and then switched my face to the right, aah” he was standing right there looking for me. Tag” he said . I was laughing but then I had to spin three times, it was such a fun game. We stopped after a few minutes to play this other game. The game included star jumps, turning around with a stick on that your hand and also running. It’s a  racing game so can you get into two teams please” Rebeka said, Rebeka is one of our leaders. We played and played I couldn't stop playing it because it was so fun. Thank you Tamaki college for your time!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Love Sports

       I love Sports

Here’s a question for who’s reading this. Do you love Playing sports? What favorites sport do you like? Well let me answer all those, My name is Hope Loia I really really love sports, I was born to play sports well some people were born to do our things but i’m a sport fan. My favorite sports are especially playing Rugby, Rugby league and netball. But I love all sports really much even though I am bad or good at it. I just want to thank God for a great talent like this. It’s a beautiful talent for me because I really love being in the sun running and passing the ball and doing all those sporty things.

I think sports helps you to keep fit and pump up. It keeps you speedy and fast, if you would love to be speedy and fast then I think that you should train and practice at a sport that you're probably good at.

Thank for reading my story THE END!

Hip Hop Dance

                                 HIP HOP DANCE

Fanning my face as I just finished a couple rounds of doing the dance. Water dripping down my face while I leaned on the wall. So now can you get into your teams” Said Miss King, I rushed towards my teammates before the music had started. The beat of the music started and we let our body’s move to the music. We’d have a competition after a few practices. Our team (Matatua) worked hard because if we win we could win some points for our team. One, two, three as we count the moves as we went on dancing.

OK times up” Miss King said, Miss king turned the music back on, we all started dancing our hardest like as we were showing off. Miss Paget and Miss King walked around to see who would get point for best dancer. The song replayed until they have found the dancer. So who did you picked Miss Paget? Asked Miss King, well I have pick these 4 girls from,  takitimu. How much do you reckon they should get ? 100 points each, WOW! Miss king picked all of the girls in our team, there were 4 of us girls, We got 50 points each. Now everyone give a big clap for our amazing leaders Mele and Levi, they should get 100 each Miss Paget said. 

Week 7 DLO

Monday, March 31, 2014

Show not tell

“Amen” I said as I just finished my prayer.I could see the reflection of the moon on the window. Snuggling up into my blankets Shivering cold, my teeth touched and my eyes suddenly closed. I could hear my dad snoring, at that second I grabbed a pillow and shoved my face under it. Boom boom” I could hear loud music playing from the next door.

Friday, March 21, 2014

About Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius is a famous runner, why? Because there is something special about him , he's a blade runner. I think most of you that are reading this are like what is a blade runner. Well a blade runner is a person that runs with fake legs. Really special right. He's a good athlete and also he's from a great country called South Africa.

One thing that very sad for me was that he Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend. But they don't know if he did by accident. I heard that he thought that he was only in the house and he thought that there was a robber in the bathroom so he shot inside. Guess what it was the wife.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

show no tell

Tick tock ,Tick tock” Time was running and it was the last shot, the ball just left his hand, the ball through pass the air aiming for the hoop. Suddenly hit the rim and drop onto the floor. No” the team said. Tama frowned his face and his team looked at him smiling.

Show no tell

Mary jumped high in the air with a big smile on her face as her older sister Jan yelled that they’re leaving in a few minutes. Mary went panicking, rushing under dirty clothing, in her closet everywhere. It drove her crazy, while her sister Jan was getting impatient of waiting so long for Mary.