Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 7 - Article About Dead Boy In America

A 12 year old boy died on Sunday 23th of November, in Ohio Park,  shot dead caused of carrying a fake gun. Police thought he was carrying a pellet gun so he shot him in the stomach about two times. His names called Tamir Rice, people near the park were scared by him, they saw him playing with his gun in the park. So they rang the police then laters that day he died because he was shot by the police.

Families of Tamir Rice cried in tears hearing his child died by a shooting in Ohio Park. There heart were torn apart of there beloved child Tamir Rice. Since that happen they have called for a new law that all BB guns, airriifle and airsoft sold to be brightly marked to show its fake or not.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hope - Rip Writing

Have you ever been caught in a rip when swimming at a surf beach?
It can be dangerous and frightening. Well

I’m here to tell you how to identify a rip, how to avoid one and what to do if you are caught in a rip.

A rip is found in surf beaches. The water comes into shore in waves but it has a way to go back out. This water flowing back out to sea is called a rip.

Normally, there are warnings at the beaches with high rip rate so make sure to look out for those when swimming at an unknown beach. Beaches with high rip rates are highly recommended to stay away from for safety. So if you follow my tips you have a better chance of surviving.

You can identify a rip by the colour of the ocean. When the sand is black the oceans gets darker, when the sand is white the sea get lighter. Another way to identify a rip is how the ocean looks, if the sea is calm and the water are ripples.

If you are caught in a rip instead of panicking stay calm, that will keep you away from drowning and you will get tired. First, see if you can touch the ground, then put your hand in the air. Don’t wave your hand because it will look like you are waving to someone. Try swimming to the sides. When you are there the waves can push you into shore.

Take these tips and use them when there is a problem in the sea. These tips will help you survive from a rip. Remember when you are in trouble in the sea always, always KEEP CALM.