Monday, December 1, 2014

Good Friend - Example Writing

Do you have a friend that is always there for you from when you’ve met till now? Well I have so many of them. Good friends are a special thing to me because they will never leave you behind. She or he will always be by your side even though you’ve had up’s and down’s.

You always should have a good friend. Why, because they can stand up for you when people are putting you down. Good friends can keep your biggest secret. They can understand how you feel and encourage you to keep striving to succeed. You need a friend to help you when you ever get stuck on things, like if you get frustrated she/he can calm you down. Its always good to have a good friend.

A good friend can be not like you, you might not have the same personality, style or culture. It doesn’t really matter about that. It’s how you stay together as friends and do everything as a team. Your friend can get disappointed and annoyed at you but it always work out when you apologies.

You always got to be a good friend. To keep your relationship with your friend you got to have a good attitude. If you can be a good friend then you’ll both can be happy.

Make sure you always have a good friend. You always need some back up. Friends are special because you’ll never get another like her/him. A right friend is hard to find but when you find one never let her/him go. If you can be a good friend please show it.

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